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A new thing …


I’ve discovered a new fun thing … thanks to instagram, and in part, pinterest. Funny how those two things +Facebook are responsible for the ceasing of blog updates … and yet, here we are back again blogging because of them.

If by chance you’re still following from back in the good old days of scrapbooking … big waves, it’s nice to ‘see’ you again. But I do apologise if this ‘new thing’ is not ‘your thing’ … I’ll understand if we part ways here. It’s just that while instagram is fabulous for sharing pictures and joining likeminded communities it just doesn’t seem like the right place to actually say all the words I want to say.

So here it is … illustrated faith or bible journalling … whatever you want to call it, basically it’s art journalling but directly into a bible. It’s captured my imagination, it’s got me excited about creating and the best bit … it’s got me closer to God … it’s exciting, God is doing a new thing in me … and it seems, throughout the world as the idea catches on.

I’ve gotta say … at first this seemed pretty ‘bad girl’ … my bible is special to me, it’s treated with respect, it’s God’s word after all. Up until now I’ve always taken notes and doodled in a notebook and kept my Bible clean. I had to really ask if this was okay … making art in and on God’s word … what does God think about that? But once I’d seen the idea I just couldn’t get it out of my head (that’s usually a God thing right there!) So I did some research, read what others are doing, seeing it as worship, as a way to dig into the word and spend time meditating on it … doodling is very conducive to meditating I find … and it makes so much sense … to be able to highlight a verse right there in the bible rather than copying it out into a notebook … why did I not think of this before now?!

So … only thing for it … I HAD to get a suitable bible. So I searched for journaling bibles and wide margin bibles and eventually came up with the one in the picture above from Koorong. A few short days of waiting and finally it was here just in time for a long Easter weekend.

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2 Responses

  1. its like arty worship….and hey if people are reading their bibles and sharing with others….gotta be a great witness!!!! and now i want some coloured pencils!!!!

  2. Wow, I will watch your progress with interest. It looks really interesting and a great way to celebrate the words God brings to you 🙂

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