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The Party

It looks like a bit of catch-up blogging is in order … November was a BIG month! You might want to make a cup of tea … this is a huge post.


After being rather undecided about celebrating 40 I finally made up my mind to have a little party … a garden tea party actually. So invites went out and the work began to transform our overgrown jungle backyard into an acceptable party space … always with the uncertainty of ‘what if it rains?’ … but we went ahead with planning and just hoped for the best.


As it turned out we had some absolutely gorgeous days leading up to the party day … and then on the day the wind decided to make an appearance … making it a little challenging to keep tablecloths on tables and rather difficult to hold on to one’s dress.


My little jars of flowers had to have rocks added to keep them on the tables … I probably should have expected that, given that we live in Wellington … but still, they added the ‘pretty’ look I was hoping for.


I’ve got to be honest, this wasn’t the perfect pinterest party I had imagined … there were limitations on time and budget and weather. I chose to go to Church in the morning instead of spending that time setting things up. I chose to do many things myself instead of hiring caterers. I chose to have the kids involved in setting up and helping out. I am exceedingly grateful to Janine and my inlaws who pitched in and got it all set up just in time.


And I’m thankful for friends and family who helped with the making yummy stuff to add to the table.



It may not have been pinterest perfect but it was certainly perfectly perfect for me.


It’s quite impressive just how many tea cup sets Janine and I own between us.

Speaking of us … here we are …





These macarons were the most yummiest of yum … I ordered them from Nikki at Creative Cooking … yes, I can make them myself, but not such a variety of flavours and not when I’m busy making other stuff as well … and it was a fun adventure for Jessi and I to sneak out early on Sunday morning before Church and pick them up from City Market.


There was fruit too … lots of fruit.


And Bekah made a good waitress handing out hot food …


She was also the chief photographer so most of these photos are from her perspective.


There was a selection of blankets to spread out on the grass for picnic style relaxing (we shall not mention the areas of dirt and new grass seed which was optimistically spread a week before the party!)


And we had iced tea in little bottles with mint green chevron straws.



And real tea in fancy teapots.


Oh and I made a sign … cos I saw one like it on pinterest. This was one of my favourite preparation moments … with the weather being so beautiful in the week before I was able to be outside in the evenings painting … and with the left over paint I painted the bunting on the wall too.



And then there was cake. This was really just a ‘for looks’ kind of cake … I made it myself and it looked better than it tasted!


It’s the first time I’ve used fondant icing like this … not quite as easy as pinterest would have you believe.



And I wanted it ombre inside as well … but didn’t fancy the idea of eating teal coloured cake so I made the inside pink.


And maybe one of my favourite ‘came together perfectly’ things was this dress. I’ve been wanting a dress for ages but haven’t been able to find one exactly how I wanted … kinda vintage looking, and pretty and kinda teal … and not too short … Well, the night before the party I decided I’d just have to make one … only I didn’t have a whole lot of time … but I did  have the perfect vintage sheet. Rebekah helped … and all up it took only about an hour … no fussing with patterns and measuring and pinning … actually a little measuring cos I wanted it to fit of course … but I think we broke all the rules of sewing which she’s learned in school this year!


And it was perfectly fine … except for the part where it was windy of course!

And that was that … 40 has been celebrated … and such a blessing to have so many friends and family to celebrate it with.

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7 Responses

  1. Well it looked like a fab day!

  2. It sure does look like a fab day and looks pinterest perfect to me. LOL. No wonder you are still recovering from November??? 😉

  3. What a beautiful party. My friend turned 40 last month and also had a garden tea party – it’s really such a lovely way to celebrate. I love the look of your decorations and the cake, and your dress is gorgeous.

  4. WOW you are so amazingly creative and I just laughed out loud (literally) at the last photograph that your lovely photographer captured and I’m so glad you included it in your post.
    You are so crazy sewing a dress at the last minute and without a pattern too, but it turned out beautifully!
    Happy belated birthday too.

  5. how cool!!! what a fun day!!!
    all the food and that cake looks amazing
    and all those tea cups….wow they are very cool!!!
    glad you had a great birthday!!!

  6. Looks like a totally Pinterest perfect party to me Bev. Congratulations on turning 40… Hope it is a wonderful year for you. I truely love catching up on your blog and all your creativity… You have inspired me to get my scrapbooking out and get going… I have missed it, so need to make a concentrated effort this year to get more done…
    Your party looks amazing by the way… love your dress, love the picnic idea… it looks like you have all had a great time…

  7. Happy very belated birthday! Where did you get your lolly jars from?

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