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I’ve become an ADD crafter.

Seriously … it’s really rather annoying.


Probably an extreme example … this little crochet blanket … a good 2 1/2 years in the making. But in all fairness … it’s the kind of project that was always expected to take a long time. I worked on many of those squares while sitting in the car waiting for kids to finish sport practise or music lessons … then they got put away and forgotten about for a good long time. It’s only a tiny blanket but I didn’t want to spend another year working on squares cos I have another crochet project I’d like to start working on. 


But what I’m actually concerned about today is this behaviour …


I go to my desk and pull out some papers thinking I might scrap something.  I turn around to find a photo and discover a card project that I never finished … so I fiddle with that a little and then remember the washing that needs hanging out so I go do that. Eventually I return to my desk and pick up those papers again, after sorting through some old photos I pick one to use and then make a few cuts into papers, mat the photo and fish in my pencil case for a pencil … while there I discover an eraser and remember my intention to make my own stamp out of it … so I sketch a design on the eraser and start cutting into it before I notice the layout I was working on. Back to it again I push papers around and add a bit of lace before deciding I need to make a cup of coffee. Coffee made, I pull out a few possible embellishments and move them around then I spot the mail person out the window so pop out to see what’s in the mail today. After reading the mail, finishing that coffee and cleaning the oven I eventually get back to that layout … stick a few things down before thinking about journalling, I’ll need to look up when that photo was taken so sit down with the laptop … many minutes/hours later I put the laptop down having checked emails, facebook and pinterest and go back to the layout where I discover I never did find out the date of that photo! Eventually I find the information I need and fill in the journalling on the layout then turn to find some title lettering when a text comes through and I stop to answer that when I discover a patch of sun to lie in. After a quick nana nap I make another cup of coffee and find myself back at the laptop. Some time later I begin cooking dinner and remember I was working on a layout so I go between the kitchen and my desk, cooking diner and sticking pieces down on the layout. I leave the layout overnight and come back to it in the morning where I discover I completely forgot that really cool background idea I was going to do and the special embellishment I was saving for this photo has also been forgotten … but well, at least the layout it finally finished.


This is just a sample scenario … sometimes the process goes on for days. Even when I put aside a whole block of time to sit and work on a creative project, even when I’m home alone and all the housework is done … still I’m sure I only manage 5 mins at a time before getting distracted.


I guess that’s why a completed project is so worth celebrating!

Here’s one I managed to complete yesterday …


(If you’re reading this Linda … hope this is okay for what you were wanting … and it’s ready to pick up whenever you want!)


And … uh … I think I have blogging ADD issues too … maybe it’s not that I’m too busy to blog … just that I keep getting distracted … if it’s not short and sweet it takes me pretty much all day to get something posted. And that’s why I’ve been so quiet lately … well … that’s my story anyway …

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6 Responses

  1. ummmmmmm you are not alone
    im guessing EVERY single scrapper/crafter can relate!!!
    how about we all list some unfinished projects in the comments section to make you feel better

    ** cross stitch from years ago
    **an old DD or two
    **old class kits from years ago!!
    **few kaiser wooden things…

    hahaha seeee just as bad
    and i have 2 unopened kits here too!!!
    i need ink for the printer…thats my excuse!!!

  2. LOL what a great post. My unfinished projects include a couple of crochet blankets that need all the ends darned in, a patchwork quilt going back about 30 years and a tapestry from around the same time. My excuse – I just don’t know where to start first. LOL

  3. That was quite fun to read, Beverley! I’m a little bit like that but have to say that once I get about 1/4 of the way into a layout I really do feel like I need to finish it RIGHT NOW – and I usually do. But I can definitely relate to getting distracted by many other things during the early stages of creating. It’s the stage where I’m not quite sure of the direction I’m going to take. You have made me think about dusting off the cross-stitch that’s been sitting in a box for years!

  4. Omg, I could so relate to that story!doh! Maybe thats why I created sl fast at the recent retreat – no distractions – even now Im actually cooking tea…well…I got stuff out to do that, then I sat down…

  5. Whoah, that cracked me up, too funny! You really are an add crafter.That wee teapot you made for Linda is stunning. How’s the cold?

  6. LOL, that was so funny! I can totally relate to the ‘going and doing the washing’ etc…but I can’t scrap if I have unfinished projects, they always get done first. Isn’t it funny how we all have our little ways of doing things.

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