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Project Life – My Way


So it’s about time I shared more about this Project Life thing I’ve been playing with.


Since I mentioned it back in January I’ve managed to do a page each week … sadly this has been exactly all the ‘scrapbooking’ I have done … which actually was one of the main reasons I resisted for so long. I enjoy regular scrapbooking and if I only have a limited amount of creative time each week I didn’t want it to be all used up on Project Life. But when I think about how little time a page like this actually takes to put together I don’t think I can blame Project Life for my lack of regular layout output … it’s really just entirely the LIFE part all on it’s own which has me too busy (or tired) to create as much as I’d like to right now.




So I diligently stick with it for now … allowing the ‘obligation’ to complete a week at a time to motivate me to record life as it is now … knowing that if I wasn’t doing this I wouldn’t be taking as many photos, I wouldn’t be printing ANY photos and I certainly wouldn’t be recording those little memories of life as they happen.


I’m letting the album just ‘happen’ in some respects. Each week I try something different and create a different look. There’s some writing printed straight onto photos, some printed onto journalling cards, lots handwritten and even some old fashioned typewriter in there.Maybe something will actually settle eventually as my ‘style’ but for now I’m trying it all depending on how much time I have and what I feel like doing at the time.


It might look like I’ve added lots of extra stuff but I’ve tried to keep it as simple as I can, while still letting it be ‘me’. I’m trying to keep it as ‘flat’ as possible using things like stamps, stickers and washi tape … I tell myself the other lumpy bumpy stuff can be saved for my ‘regular’ layouts … 007

I’m loving my mini album with it’s limited spaces to be filled each week. I like that it makes me limit my photo choices, not every photo I take needs to be printed and included … it gives me a snapshot of our week which is just perfect really. And if I really want to fill all the spaces with photos I can always slide the journalling card in behind with a pull tab to help get it out for reading.


I’m becoming comfortable with using portrait and landscape photos and fitting them in however works best … it helps that it’s so easy to print to the size I want on my little photo printer. It does print ever so slightly smaller than 6×4, generally it’s not a problem but you’ll see that sometimes I’ve trimmed it even smaller and put it on a 6×4 card … more because I liked the look … with the added bonus of making them more of a ‘snug’ fit.


I didn’t have enough exciting photos last week to make a whole spread so I’ve saved them to join with this week … no point in adding lots of ‘fillers’ just so I can have a week done … although it does make me realise I need to get the camera out more and there’s nothing wrong with that kind of gentle prompt to cultivate a good life and record it!


So far I’m happy with how this is working out, the time it takes and the results I’m getting … but today I read this blog post about Project Life … there are some good points made … it’s supposed to be a simple system … it doesn’t have to be complicated and take a lot of time … there shouldn’t be the pressure of ‘falling behind’ or ‘keeping up’ … many pages I’ve seen out there in scrappy land are WAY more detailed and complicated than mine and I just know, if I tried to do that I’d be setting myself up to fail BUT like I said before, I kinda need the encouragement to actually do ‘something’ … maybe as the year goes on I’ll have to simplify even more but for now this works for me.


Oh and just so you know … you can get a perfectly sized mini album with a perfectly velvety inside, just like mine for 20% off if you buy it with a perfectly matching mini kit … for a limited time only … right here.

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4 Responses

  1. I love it. For me it is my way of keeping up to date with recording the day to day stuff, and takes all the pressure away from the 12x12pages – they can just be pure art, when I want, if I want, in my own time. Even though you are changing things around week to week style wise I think it all flows well, keep it up I say – eclectic is a valid style too you know;)

  2. Your album is looking fab Beverley, and they are such a joy to look back on over time. When I first started PL you couldn’t get any simpler, I wrote on the cards, popped my photos in and that was it. Now I do heaps of bits and pieces to them 🙂 So style’s can change over time…

  3. I love your album too. It can be just what you want and thats what I love about PL. Each year I have done something different and this year I am doing my own thing from my stash and not really liking it as it seems like hard work and taking too much thinking about. I don’t want hard work!! LOL. Love the Olive kit too and using that to catch up on all those pre-digi photos that never made it into scrappy pages. Am liking that album more than my PL. 🙂

  4. very cool Bev
    i love the size of yours…not overwhelming at all
    and i love that you are doing it your way!!
    makes it less stressful i think!!!
    shouldn’t be that hard…otherwise we all wont want to do it!!
    thanks for sharing

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