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Jessi turns 9 – The Cake.

Jessi is officially 9 as of yesterday.


I made a polka dot cake which I happened to see on pinterest a few weeks ago … lucky I was able to talk Jessi out of the pretty pink poodle cake she had spotted in a magazine … that just wouldn’t fit with the ‘rainbow’ colourful theme that was forming in my head.

So first I had to make colourful cake pop ball thingys using a borrowed cake pop tin which was actually silicon and didn’t work quite as well as I imagine a tin one would … being flexible is not such a good thing in this case. Anyway it worked well enough for what I needed. Once the balls were formed I then placed them in a round cake tin and added more white cake mix and baked again like a regular cake.


I made 3 cakes the same and layered them together … that top one went a bit hill shaped on top so I had to slice some off … but at least I could see the polka dot effect was there.



Then all I had to do was slap on some white icing and cover it in lollies … easy.

And inside it looked something like this …


Impressive enough for 9 year olds anyway.

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4 Responses

  1. wow i love that cake!!!
    will know i can call if i need something
    that fun!!!

  2. Pretty darn impressive to me and I’m a little past nine LOL.

  3. Happy Birthday, Jessi! What an awesome cake – good enough for 34-year-olds too me thinks 😉

  4. coolness! Tell me something… are the dots tough from being cooked twice? I’ve seen this kind of cake done in various ways but I’m curious about the texture.

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