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Bitten by the Pinkysil bug!

If you’re a scrapbooker you may have noticed the words ‘resin’ and ‘molds’ popping up every so often … particularly if you’re looking Nic Howard’s way for instance.

I’d been watching with interest … yes, resin shapes are fun but it wasn’t until I saw what Pinkysil could do that I really decided I had to have a go. Pinkysil is the stuff that makes the molds … the potential to create molds out of all kinds of treasures … and specifically French treasures … was rather exciting.
My package arrived around midday on a Monday … by the time the kids got home from school my desk looked like this …

I’d gathered a huge pile of potential mold making items … nothing was safe from the mold making frenzy!

It wasn’t long before I realised I’d run out of pinkystuff before I’d used all my potential items … so I had to prioritise a bit. I went for things I knew I’d use a lot in my layouts and cards, and those treasures I’d bought in Paris but hadn’t wanted to use because I only had one of.

Those long flourishy bits are particularly exciting … now that they’re made out of resin I can use them on my art work … the originals are way too heavy for a layout or card.

My favourite mold would have to be this one below … it doesn’t look like much on top but once the resin is poured it makes the most detailed little French frame, some angel wings and birds too …

I guess what I was most excited about was that the flexible mold meant I could just ‘pop’ these items out even if the hole I poured the resin in through wasn’t very big … those wings have detail on both sides … mold making is not just limited to objects with flat backs!

Now that I’ve run out of pinkysil … and I’m almost out of resin too … I thought I should actually try using the pieces I’ve made. This tag came together nice and quickly using alcohol ink for colouring.

Funny thing … I used it as part of a display at the Paper Arts Expo this weekend and someone wanted to buy it! I had to say no cos a. I had no idea what to charge for it and b. I hadn’t even taken a photo of it … maybe I should’ve sold it … I need more pinkysil!


5 Responses

  1. I agree with the person at the Paper Arts Expo – I’d be lining up to buy some of these goodies! You could sell them to feed this new addiction 🙂

  2. Definitely a new addiction and the possibilities are endless it seems. Love that you can recreate your French treasures. 🙂

  3. Very cool. I am watching this new trend with great interest. Love the wee birdies and love the wings with detail on both side!ooooh…

  4. so so cool!!!!!!!!!
    go you!!!
    nice to see you at paper arts show too!!

  5. What a special way to use your special treasures from France over and over again! Love it. I haven’t tried the whole resin thing yet, but I can see how it would become addictive 😀

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