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Three pretty ladies and high tea.


I’m sitting here waiting for birthday cake to cook … a good time to blog it would seem.


So my happy creating earlier in the week/last week has now resulted in three pretty ladies. Meet Hilda, Rose and Juliette.

Juliette was made first … she was the ‘I wonder if … ‘ idea that started it all.

A kind of experiment to see how silk responds to Paverpol … a delightfully transparent result … and then to add colour … a pleasing result I think.

And then I lay awake that night dreaming of possibilities … the changes I would make to the next one and how I could include the same ingredients for a completely different look.

Don’t tell the others but I think Hilda is my favourite … just really annoyed that I forgot to paint her canvas black before covering it with the black muslin … I was in so much of a hurry to put flowers under her dress and all …

Then … because they are such fun to make … and because this will be a class … I had to make one more … just to be sure of another idea I was experimenting with.

Rose ended up on a larger canvas cos that’s all I had on hand. Her dress seems a little more wind blown than the rest and it’s a good thing there’s plenty of stuff under there otherwise you may get a glimpse of her knickers!

This class will be taught at Wellington Paper Arts and Crafts on the 2nd of September and then later in the month at Craft House. But I’m not sure if I’ve finished with the idea yet … I may just have to make one or two more.

In other news … Janine and I had a lovely day out on Wednesday. High tea at Sweet Pea and a little look at the second hand shops out that way … good company, good times.

Right … cake is cooked … the shape is not quite what I was going for but somehow a bowling ball cake will be done in time for 3pm tomorrow.


Have a good weekend …


5 Responses

  1. delightful ladies:-) Both the ladies on the canvas and at Sweet Pea:-)

  2. I agree with Lara – the canvas ladies are beautiful and so are the ones sitting at the table drinking tea together! 🙂

  3. Your ladies are gorgeous Beverley. Great to see you and Janine out shopping and enjoying a bite to eat.

  4. Yay for high tea out with friends:) I think I am liking Rose the best – I admire her windswept and interesting spirit;)

  5. Gorgeous canvases Bev!
    I’m looking forward to having high tea with Janine later this year, it’s a lovely way to pass the time.

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