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Something a little different.

Yes … it’s time for my weekly blog post about the Stars comp. But I’ve been extra creative this week and have more to share!


There was a challenge put up on the Autumn Escape Facebook group to take inspiration from a layout by Jenni Bowlin and ‘put your own spin on it’. So I did.


Jenny’s layout looks like this:

I spent a while thinking about the background grid and how she’d added extra bits to some of the squares and then spent ages hunting through my paper collection for a similar grid like pattern to base my layout on. The paper I pulled out was nothing like it but at least had a repeating pattern and I thought the flower pattern was kinda similar to the flower punch Jenni had used in her layout.

I cut some of the patterned pieces out that were going to be hidden behind my photo and used foam tape to layer them back on top. I also cut some out of plain white card to help lighten up the layout. I was going to decorate them a bit more but decided to stop with a simple pearly thing inside the flowers like Jenni had done and the occasional glitter chipboard bit.

Of course I had to have a go at making some pinwheel embellishments like Jenni used … they were fun … and the large one there has a little badge which I brought back from Paris in the centre … I always like it when I can include something meaningful like that in a layout. And the date does have 2011 on the end of it but the wind must have blown the pinwheel around when I took the layout outside to photograph.

Oh and I found that chipboard street light while I was doing a big tidy up … just perfect because the other photo I nearly used had one of those with the Eiffel Tower behind but it wasn’t such a good shot of the tower … this way I get to include the street light too.

And I also had to use a bit of washi tape since it’s my new ‘in’ thing. I should take a photo of my washi tape stand … it’s one of those old dressmakers hem measuring sticks and full to the top … that’s 18 inches of tape rolls … okay so there’s a couple of rolls of patterned packaging tape on there too but I need a new stick now cos Nic has lots more washi designs to collect.

Meanwhile I’ve spent a bit of time hanging around Jenni’s blog … she has a constant supply of very cool vintage stuff which just makes me feel happy.

I’m thinking Autumn Escape 2013 might just be an essential event to attend … anyone else wanna come too?


Of course before that there’s also Spring Edition … with Paula Cheney of 7 gypsies … Paula has been to Paris … she’s seen things that I have seen … she ‘gets’ the vintage thing too … in fact she’s the queen of vintage … maybe I NEED to do Spring Edition … sigh maybe I need to start saving!






5 Responses

  1. oooh…o love what you did with the paper and the pinwheels. Very cool…

  2. Really really liking that one – very creative with the paper. Know what you mean about the washi tape but mines all in a basket that I have to rummage through. Ummm wheres your “Star” layout cos that was pretty cool too???? LOL

  3. yeah I was looking for the star layout too?? I like the ae challenge one. I like the way you approached that challenge, it really looks like in fell into place. Gorgeous colours and I love the pinwheels.

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhh love this one too!!
    so cool!!
    must remember to enter!!

  5. […] … I’ve been convinced to attend Spring Escape … it all started when I wrote this post … and then there was emails back and forth with Janine … and a bit more thinking […]

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