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A non layout week.

Another week gone and another stars project to show. This time it was Tara Orr … lots of layers and flowers and pretty doilies … can’t go wrong with all of that! The twist, however, was to NOT do a layout … it had to be an altered project or a card and tag combo.

Now I don’t mind doing altered projects but I usually only do them if I have a need … a present to give or some other such reason. I’ve had this rather beat up clock shell sitting on my shelf for a while now … I found it while looking for something else at Trash Palace. I didn’t specifically have a use for it but I could see so much potential … it had good shape … so it came home with me … and waited patiently for the ‘right’ time.

Tara’s style was pretty much how I planned to decorate it so I decided that I’d do it … although once I’d started I realised there were certain limitations as to how much of Tara’s style could fit on such a project … in the end it was just a case of completing it in a way that would work in the time I had available.

So this is how it ended up for the purposes of the competition … pretty … but not perfect. There’s a few things I will change before finding a permanent home for it.

I pretty much ended up just decorating the front … I want to go around the side a bit more and add a few more vintage things like the pearl and gold clip on earring in the middle of the bunch of flowers.

And I’d meant to put the gold ring it came with back on but forgot … will have to see if I still can. And it’s funny how a ‘free’ clock shell ended up costing me $25 in clock parts to get it going again … not to mention the cost of the supplies I’ve used on there … not that I’m complaining … it’s just what happens when you spend time finding treasures. Kinda like finding a ‘bargain’ piece of furniture that needs borer treatment … and then painting …

And that was that … meanwhile … this week has also included

Michaels birthday – he got Monopoly deal – a card game version of the real game which has been fun with the whole family playing together. Has brought out the personalities of our children though … Rebekah plays to win and knows how to influence the decisions of her sister with her ‘subtle’ comments at just the right time. Alexander follows the rules exactly, any deviation is not okay. And Jessi … well, Jessi’s the entertainer, she doesn’t really mind how the game turns out as long as she’s the centre of attention!

Saturday morning netball – have been enjoying this a lot more than past seasons. In part I guess because Alexander is not playing soccer so we are not having to juggle one car and two different places to be at the same time. Also Jessi’s games are such a contrast as beginners compared to Rebekah’s games at intermediate level. Of course it’s a little tricky when both girls are playing at the same time … but Rebekah in her ‘almost teen’ attitude would rather none of her family watches her play anyway … so if we only catch half her game it’s all okay.

A trip to the home show – the kids came away with something like 6 lolly pops, several fruit burst lollies, 2 helium balloons, a light up bouncy ball each and a photo of them on a fridge magnet – not bad for having free tickets to get in. I was most excited about the Mary Potter Hospice stand … a haven of vintage goodness in the midst of boring building stuff.

A trip to hear Dr Libby talk with Janine – was interesting, especially what she said about thyroid stuff, worth finding out more I think.

A visit to Wellington Girls College open day … ideally a good school for Rebekah to go to but unfortunately we live out of zone so are at the mercy of the ‘ballot’ for an available place. It was interesting to look around though and I was most excited by the art department … some very inspiring work happening there … and I may have snuck one or two photos just so I could remember … funny though … I think Rebekah’s highlight was seeing the Maths department! Oh and I was pleased to be able to understand the french teacher when she invited us in and told us she had a year 9 class in session. I had no idea about the latin lesson though … but it appeared that none of the girls in the class did either! Is latin relevant today? I think I’d enjoy studying it now as an adult but there’s no way I’d have been interested while at school.


Wow … it’s been a while since I wrote so much here … must do it more often so it’s not so long all at once!



5 Responses

  1. I loved your clock. I didn’t have any treasures to alter, so it was always gonna be a card for me:) good luck with school ballots for next year.

  2. i loveeeeeeee that clock…so so cool!!!
    as for WGC i did latin and cannot remember anything!!! apart from that the rest of the school seems great…..fingers crossed for getting in……and also you not keen on the local college????

    good to see ya back online…xx

  3. Great to see how the clock started out. LOL. So what did Dr Libby have to say about thyroid stuff??? 🙂

  4. Your clock looks great. Maybe Latin would be useful if those kids plan on getting into med or vet school??

  5. Well thats the fun of finding treasures and doing them up….and at the end you have a gorgeous clock that now works. I was asking Mike about latin a few weeks ago and he pointed out as Trace did, med and vets need to know it. I was wondering about the worth of it lol. When do you find out about the ballot?

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