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What was I thinking …?

So after the last Heidi challenge it was my turn to come up with something. In a moment of perhaps not quite so brilliant inspiration … I decided to pick a ‘simple’ little tutorial for us to follow.


Maybe I wasn’t quite prepared for the messy stuff … and then … by the time I’d added all the other bits, most of the messy stuff was completely covered up anyway … left me wondering why I went to all that trouble …

Oh well … it’s another story told … and I’m thinking very seriously of getting a little photo printer so I can print photos as I need them and in the size I need them cos I’m finding 6×4 is quite often too big these days.




6 Responses

  1. That’s great. Much closer than me I think! A least we both got it done:)

  2. loving the hexagons on this layout. I guess thats why they call it a challenge, lol, but you both did well.Laughing at your comment about the messy stuff cos um that didn’t look too messy to me. As for the photo printer I bought a small one last week for my house album. Now I just need to sit down and use it. I got the Canon selphy as recommended by Nic H on Facebook. I picked up the printer and saved myself $9.00 in a delivery fee. But the ink and paper was delivered and came the day after I ordered it.

  3. i think you both did really well on your challenge this time round and wondering what you will come up with next?? LOL. Wouldn’t mind a little printer either for those one off photos that you just have to have there and then.

  4. i used to love my mini printer but it died….got a new one and it doesnt even work!!! wowsa!!!


    love the hexagons!!! and love your layout!!!

  5. I think it looks great! I can definitely see Emma’s inspiration in your layout. Great job!

  6. Very cute layout Beverley…and I love that she’s riding an appy (have a soft spot for them).

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