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Kaiser Sketch

I had a feeling a slack day on Tuesday would mean I pay later in the week. If it was just my life, my commitments, I had to contend with … I reckon I’d be comfortably busy right now. However when you add in netball practise and games for 2 kids, guitar lessons for one, rally, piano lessons for 3, a weekly library visit, stage challenge practice, band practice, youth group, a husband with school board commitments … it’s a little tricky juggling all the pick ups and drop offs … and everyday life stuff!

Not that I’m complaining … just saying …

I actually enjoy our Friday afternoon/evenings … starting with piano lessons which gives me half an hour sitting in the car – sometimes I crochet, sometimes check e-mail/catch up on facebook on my phone, today I stitched up the hem on Jessi’s netball dress and still had 5 mins to read my book.   Then we go to the library and get out enough reading material for the week ahead and then do any shopping that needs doing … today it was bike shorts for under the netball dresses (I’m sure we showed more knickers in my day …) and then it’s dinner time … trying to avoid the takeaway options so it’s homemade fish and chips tonight … just waiting for them to cook.

Anyway … still catching up on those layouts I did a few weeks ago … this one was for a Kaiser Craft Saturday Sketch Challenge April #2.

Not a range I would naturally choose to work with … a bit too bright and cute for my vintage tastes … but I happened to have a few bits and pieces on my desk left-over from challenge packs I made up for an all day crop at Craft House and I’m happy with the ‘fun’ feel the page has.

This double layout was one I did at the crop day … just using some bits from the challenge packs … and the barcode strips from the papers I cut for the packs … love how they are patterned on the reverse side … definitely usable!

This was our Hanmer Springs adventure … mmm … a soak in a hot pool would be rather nice right now! Unfortunately my camera hasn’t been quite the same since this day … one too many splashes maybe? … or maybe it’s just getting old and I need a new one … have been doing some research … will need to save up first!


5 Responses

  1. mmm, a soak in the hot tub – hot shower just doesn’t compare:-( Would love to hear what you discover about the cameras…I reckon I’ll be getting one in about 3 months so would be keen to know what you decide.

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhh hamner springs….love that place!!!
    and as for that list of after school stuff…wowsa taxi service alright!!!

    love that you do all this for your family…such a great mum!!!

    cute layouts too…..

    my camera is here is you want a play bev (its free most days!!!!)….borrow it anytime….canon 550d!!! love it

  3. You sound like me in the “old” days when the kids were younger with the taxi service and every night of the week with something on. Still doing it to a lesser extent and wishing they would get their licences. LOL.

  4. I love your pages Beverley..they are so cheerful and happy!

  5. Oh love the big bowl slide at Hanmer – it’s so much fun! Great layouts there Miss Beverley.

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