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A Sketch Challenge and a bit of Provence

I’ve decided that I need to get back to scrapping more this year … creating layouts makes me happy … happy is good. So earlier this week I found some time and then had a quick look for some inspiration to get me started. I found the sketch challenge from Paper Chase which led me to Donna’s blog … which got me thinking of Graphic 45 … so here’s what happened:

I had a little play with embossing powders, which was also requested in the challenge. Starting safely with just some resist stamping on the tag … which has my journalling on the other side. Then I put some on my title lettering, then I decided a bit of splattering was in order.

I’ve been having a big think lately about layouts and memory keeping and trends. Many layouts I’m seeing these days have only one photo, often in the  middle of the page with lots of space around the edges, often with an extreme amount of prima flowers and very little, if any, journalling. Layouts have become artworks … not so much for memory keeping.

I’ve got to admit, it’s the creative process I enjoy most … but for me it’s still about telling the story, recording the memories. Maybe this is why so many people have started using Project Life … as a way to record life and all it’s details … while still being able to make the pretty layouts with no journalling. I wonder about my own memory keeping … I take way less photos than I used to and most of them just stay on the computer … don’t even make it to the printing stage. I’m still thinking through this problem and it’s solutions … trying to decide what works for me.


In the meantime … let me explain about the photo in the layout above and share with you some more photos of my trip to France. (Another set of photos I’m still undecided about what to do with … scrap them, project life them, print a photo book … maybe a bit of everything?)


Anyway … this is the French Nun I met while visited a little town in the South of France on my birthday. I don’t know if she was really a nun … she obviously didn’t have the head covering bit but the rest of her clothes were ‘nun like’ and she had a cross around her neck and she was outside a Church building. Anyway, she stopped and talked to us … for ages and ages … in French … I don’t speak French … I have no idea what she said … but it was cool, and a moment I wanted to remember … and she talked for so long that a plan formed in my head to get a photo with her … just wish Michael had snapped more than one photo for me to choose from.

The old part of this little town was all built into the hill … at the very top was the old Church which we walked up to.

On the way up we walked past houses which seemed to be built into the walls … it’s hard to explain but it seemed as if the wall was there first and then people had added doors and windows and made a house inside the wall.

Teal doors even.

The old church at the very top of the hill.

These doorways went into the wall underneath the houses … french basements I guess.

The new Church … where we found the nun lady. At first I thought she may have been telling us off for wandering around near the cemetery … but she didn’t seem angry … more like she was telling us about the area, giving us advice maybe. Michael picked out a few words and we think she said she was 90. She seemed like such a wise lady I just wish I knew what she said.


These streets were surely not built with cars in mind … and yet cars come up and down and pedestrians stop in doorways to let them past.

After we’d visited with the nun we stopped by this Museum … and jumped into another French language experience … this time the man looking after the museum wanted to show us around personally. He tried very hard to speak English and we had fun trying to guess what exactly he was trying to say. The displays were of typical olden days stuff … from things found inside an old french home to the farming tools used outside. It was very hard to keep a straight face when he was trying to come up with the word for ‘goat’ … animal noises and a little acting got him there eventually.

I think, when I go back next time, I’d like to know a little more French. We got by perfectly well with the little phrases we did know in terms of ordering food, shopping and getting around … but it would be nice to have a little more of a conversation with people we meet along the way.


4 Responses

  1. Just love all your gorgeous photos – how fantastic:) I totally agree about the scrapping ‘art’ trend – getting away from true memory keeping. Hard to find the balance of both – I have stayed away from challenges etc largely last year, and found that allowed me to stay more true to what I wanted to do at the time. Best of luck. Looking forward to seeing more of your fab work this year.

  2. owwwwwwww love that you are back scrapping!!
    as for speaking french…i can speak/understand a little….but when they talk fast i get lost and then muddle up meaning!!! sometimes easier not to try and understand….and just listen to the sound of their language….and nod and smile!!! lol!!!

    great pics…keep em coming!!

  3. Beautiful layout Beverley! And love those holiday snaps – those little villages are so gorgeous, you sometimes feel like you have gone back in time.
    I agree with you about scrapping taking on more of the art angle for some. The layouts are gorgeous, but not really me. My scrapping is about capturing the moment, the story and with the focus on the photos and journalling.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your French experiences scrapped.

  4. well I for one will be watching out for all of your creativity in the coming year … whether that creativity be arty farty and/or full of special memories … and as for those photos … OMG, I keep looking at them and looking again … love those doors in the wall and the cobbled streets … I so wanna go there …

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