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The Party

(Mum has been waiting for these photos all week … if you click on them they should go bigger for you Mum)

This years party was rather simple really.


Jessi had horse riding on her mind from seeing a sign while we were on holiday … we convinced her it would make a good birthday party activity so she got to invite a couple of friends and we drove out to Stables on the Park for an afternoon adventure.

As soon as we arrived the kids were taken into the stable to groom a pony while we filled in the paper work. They then were fitted out with hair nets and helmets.

Jessi rode Ace … he had allergies … at least that’s what Jessi thought the nose cover was for.

Charlize (in the pink top) had a beautiful, and huge, Clydesdale called Luke. Grace (pink helmet) rode the little pony we groomed. Eve (white helmet and top) had a nice smooth brown one called Tom. And Rebekah and Alexander also rode really big ones … but they were all so friendly and calm.


When they got back to the stable they got to feed their horse a carrot and then did some more brushing. We then found a picnic table to have afternoon tea. The sun was shining but there was a cool breeze by the sea which is why Jessi has a big jacket on. Of course after jumping in the waves it ended up becoming a skirt for the trip home in the car.

I cut holes in pizza boxes to fit their drinks and horse cupcakes and inside the box was a few lollies, a couple of mini chocolate bars and a my little pony roll up … not much, but all they needed.

The horse cupcakes come from my Hello Cupcake book. Except I used chocolate finger biscuits for the neck instead of wafer biscuits and eskimo lollies for the heads instead of whatever candied peanuts are.

The horse head cake … as requested … combining a few ideas that Jessi found and very helpfully added to pinterest for me.

The birthday girl (with gum in her mouth I think) about to blow out the candles.

I made these little bags really quickly out of a piece of canvas, just sewed up the sides, stamped with a tree and tied with seam binding after  filling with a few lollies. She also gave her friends a carefully chosen Schleich horse which happened to be on sale at toyworld.


And that was that … one eight year old thoroughly celebrated.


5 Responses

  1. Once again, you pull off an amazing party! I love the cupcakes, and the horse cake. And all the photos of the kids riding the horses, they look like they are having so much fun. What a great party idea 🙂

  2. oh wow, look at those cupcakes … awesome idea for a party and some really happy little party girls … Miss J is going to remember her birthday for years to come …

  3. fantastic!!! honestly become a party planner
    you would make a fortune!!!
    love the bag idea….so cool!!

  4. Well done – hope she had a ball! the horsey cupcakes are fab!

  5. Awww what a great birthday party.

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