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The 2012 Word

It’s taken me a while (a whole month and a bit actually) to finally settle on my word for 2012. I’ve had the concept sorted since the end of last year but it’s taken a while to settle on just one little word. So with a whole lot of thinking, a bit of procrastinating and a little of playing I’ve decided.

Wordle: Rejoice

I made this layout while I was still thinking on it …

It was only at the point where I needed the title that I actually decided on the word for sure. Notice my ‘Paris’ influences … I would never have added touches of gold like that before, had I not seen them in Paris. And the white circular molded pattern … also a Paris thing … created partly because I have a couple of really cool vintage plastic doilies on my desk which I wanted to use yet wanted to save … so I used one as a stencil and added texture paste … kinda ended up looking a bit like the molding you get on a ceiling around the light. I spent a lot of time looking up at ceilings in France … they happen to be rather amazing … the ones with paintings particularly fascinated me … it’s kinda hard to get good photos of them though.

Anyway … I’ve got side tracked … so the layout … the word … after I finished it Jessi came along and asked what rejoice means …  with all the pretty, fluffy, flowery stuff on that layout I’d run out of room to journal about it … so I tell her it means being happy, joyful. And of course she then asks why I don’t look joyful in the photo … hmmm … well that’s because you don’t know the bigger meaning behind the word and the reasons why I chose it to be MY word.


So because I wanted to, because I can … I made another layout about my word …

This time choosing a more joyful looking me and adding some thoughts about my word.

I also created this layout following the ‘recipe’ challenge from Challenge Me Happy.

It needed 1 photo – I used a big one, 2 different cardstocks – one white for the doily/texture paste french ceiling thing and the other teal, 3 journalling spots/tags – there’s a plastic one and a paper one to the right of the photo and a round paper one in the center of the doily thing, 4 words in the title, 5 patterned papers – three are used for layering on the base and then there’s the brown one I’ve used for a couple of circles and under the title and the fifth is the one I cut the flowers and leaves out of, 6 butterflies – wasn’t it convenient that these Kaisercraft Bonjour papers happen to have an abundant supply of butterflies to pick from.

Wow … it feels good to finally have done a challenge again – AND before the deadline date has been and gone too!

Oh and in case the journalling isn’t clear:

Deciding on a word for 2012 was a little more difficult than it has been in the past … usually the word makes itself obvious … this year it was the concept that became obvious … the word itself, a little harder to settle on. I had a list of possible words … jubilee, enjoy, celebrate, laugh … all trying hard to express the idea that this year should be one of happiness, recognising the good things in life … less of the frown and more of the smile … less of the serious more of the fun … less work more play. I very nearly chose jubilee … I liked the idea of a year of jubilee being about new beginnings as well as celebration … but celebration doesn’t go far enough, I wanted the Pollyanna concept of finding the good in things. I’m still not sure the word I’ve chosen adequately describes everything I wanted it to but enough of the procrastinating … it’s close enough!



v. re·joiced, re·joic·ing, re·joic·es

v.intr.To feel joyful; be delighted: extreme gladness


So … that’s my word, and now I need to go decorate a horse cake …



10 Responses

  1. Gorgeous layouts – great to see you back scrapping. Love your choice of word.

  2. Fantastic layouts – you are on a roll now. Great word choice and love the description of “extreme gladness”.

  3. AMAZING page…for an amazing trip!!!
    love it and that word sure does suit you

    good luck with the party!!!

  4. lovely!!!
    now rejoice in that horse cake.

  5. Rejoice … hmmmmmmmmmmmm … like the sound of that … kinda has a special ring to it … and I’m totally loving that texture paste doily thing … very ‘noice’ …

    Fabbo creativity … yep, you’re right back in the swing of things, just nicely.

  6. Great word – I think it is perfect!

  7. Hey you went with it in the end? I think thats great and the layout says it all. Like how you went back and did another with journalling. As for that cake…………yum!!!! I so need that recipe…..btw I think the word is apt.

  8. Amazing layouts! Both of them are just beautiful. I LOVE the photo in the CMH layout…I love the journaling and the color scheme…it’s all amazing! Thanks for joining us!

  9. Wow super cool layouts Beverley. I love the doily and how you have inked it up. That photo of the E tower is sooooo impressive too. Thanks fOr playing along with us at CMH

  10. Wow, two gorgeous layouts!! Completely LOVE your OLW layout with the soft roses, birds and butterflies!! Thanks so much for joining us at CMH!!

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