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It’s so quiet in my house at the moment I can hear the clock ticking. It’s late on a Saturday afternoon and all three kids are here in the lounge with me, yet it’s super quiet. One’s not feeling well and seems to have fallen asleep, the other two are reading … totally engrossed in their own book worlds. Unusual, yes! Peaceful, totally! It seems a good time then to quietly update here.


So … what’s been going on?


  • Last week we sent Michael off to Washington DC … to be part of the NZ team competing in a Solar Decathlon … I won’t even try to explain that here … just click on the link to see more. He’ll be away for another 3 weeks.


  • I’ve just put together 60 birthday invitations for a 60th birthday celebration … they look impressive all lined up.

I had a bit of help with the sticking of the inside bits … which was great cos it went much faster with two of us working on them.

Tying 60  pink bows took a while though.


  • I signed up for my first ever craft show to sell stuff I made … now I just need to figure out what exactly I’ll be selling! Hopefully it will help boost my funds for Paris.


  • Speaking of Paris … I found this picture on someone’s (I can’t remember who) blog recently … it sums up the Paris situation nicely …

It’s certainly not easy … but I have faith that it’s possible! It’s amazing … and rather frustrating …  just how many things have come up requiring extra money that would otherwise have gone into Paris savings. (You know, major appliances breaking, new tyre for the car, dentist, … feeding the kids ….)  I continue to dream however, and currently have many tabs open while researching places to stay in Provence. My current dilemma is whether to spend my birthday in Paris or Provence … such a choice to make!


  • Not a lot of scrapping has taken place lately … I’ve even missed a deadline for another Slackers Challenge with Heidi … so sorry Heidi! The thing is … I had trouble finding a suitable photo to match the title choices she gave … which of course meant I didn’t even get started on the layout … gone are the days when I’d be getting photos developed weekly. It’s been months since I last got some done … might just put that on the list for this week!


And … other than that … it’s life as normal around here … a bit of parenting, a bit of work, a bit of housework … throw in some extra practices for Jessi’s jazz and parent help for school trips … you know, just normal stuff.




8 Responses

  1. those invitations are stunning….love the way the close up with those bows!!!!
    as for paris…so exciting to be planning it all!!!
    if you wanna make some money….i take some crochet lessons from you for $$ wanting to learn and you tube AINT helping!!! lol!!!

  2. Normal stuff, is good stuff, cos it means life is just ticking along with no drama. The invitations look awesome, someone is going to be super happy with all your hard work.

  3. You know things will work out, faith is fantastic and it hasn’t let you down yet!! And lets face it you didn’t want to be having dental work in France.The invites looked good and I am sure “nh” is going to enjoy sending those out. Good luck with the craft fair, is it Craft 2.0? BTW 3 weeks will fly by……

  4. Keep the faith, Beverley…that’s what keeps us going! Love the invites..the lace/ribbon makes them real pretty and feminine.

  5. How lovely – the invites 🙂 Hope the craft show goes well.

  6. How’s it going being a Solar Decathlon widow?

  7. Was thinking to myself that the big trip to Paris is getting closer and closer. … have faith!!! But you truly do have to just hate those nasty bills coming in.

  8. Love those invitation Bev, they look totally gorgeous. So hear you about the scrapbooking. I have been so slack where it is concerned also. Just don’t seem to have the heart for it at the moment. Lots of photos that need scrapbooking but just never seem to get around to having them printed, Your Paris trip must not be too far away now. Keep beleiving for miracles my friend and enjoy every minute of the aniticipation.

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