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Double Digits – Double Agents


This boy turned 10 today. A Double Agent, Secret Spy Party seemed like a good way to celebrate.

Like all good parties a bit of Google research was done first … Pinterest has fast become the best thing ever for a researcher/procrastinator like me. I guess it also means that those of you who follow my boards get a ‘heads up’ for the next big event I’m ‘planning’.

Anyway … the party was held at the National Party Intelligence Enterprise (P.I.E.) Training Headquarters located in Thorndon, Wellington.


Invites were sent out in code and marked top secret and the ‘new’ agents were invited to use the secret spy entrance (back door.) Fingerprints were taken, disguises provided … fake mustaches were interesting …  new photo i.d. cards were made and they also made spy notebooks … which had various code ideas, fingerprint analysis charts and lots of blank pages for note taking.

There was food and cake … just to help the secret agents have enough energy for the mission ahead. And while they were eating they were issued with special spy ‘gadgets’ which would help them with their mission to find the double agent. One of them got an invisible pen with a light that reveals the hidden message, one got fart bombs … these things seriously stink … wish they were around when I was 10! Then there was the yo yo that contained bubble gum and fingerprint dust (a mix of cornflour and black embossing powder) which was contained inside a glass vial hidden inside a silver bullet. (It’s amazing the things you can find at $2 shops!)

So they followed clues, used their decoding skills, let off bombs to clear the room …

… and chased the suspected double agents around the block.

(Wish at this point I had remembered to change the iso setting on my camera from when I took the cake photos in the dark!)

They then came across an agent handcuffed to the stairs and had to retrieve the key to set him free using chewing gum from the secret yo yo and a long stick.

They eventually caught the double agent by dusting for fingerprints in the kitchen. Mission accomplished … double agent caught and double digits celebrated!

Oh and they each got a stick of dynamite (lollies) to take home … along with all the spy gear.




7 Responses

  1. that is the coolest party idea ever!!!
    you should SO go into business!!!
    well done beverly!!! so so cool!!!

  2. this sounds the coolest party Beverly!!!!

  3. Fantastic! I love ‘themed’ kids parties! Ashlee has already put in an order for hers – goshm thought that at 18 she would be over it!!! That cake looks divine:) yumyumyumyum…

  4. Once again, it looks like you have pulled off a fabulous birthday party! You really do throw the best parties, Beverley! I love the boys’ outfits. Happy Birthday to Alexander!

  5. You had a great day for it, atfer a week of crappy weather. Looks like the boys had a blast on thier mission and they look very cool in thier disguises. LOL at teh fart bombs, nice!! I bet the boys loved them.

  6. looks like a fun party!

  7. oh wow … birthday party organiser extraordinaire … sounds like this party was a hit as well …

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