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Snow Photos

The view from our house right now … the snow is rapidly disappearing and there’s lots of dripping sounds going on as everything thaws out. (The blue hills behind the white ones are the South Island)

Currently the kids are inside warming up … and eating snow slushys.

But earlier they were outside enjoying an unexpected day off school. (Primary school was officially closed but Intermediate was open … but I let Rebekah stay home anyway.)

Meet our snowman …

The kids were outside last night building him when they noticed a flash (they thought it was me taking a photo) but then the biggest loudest rumble of thunder ever happened … they came inside pretty quickly … which was just as well … because then there was more of this …

Eventually the roads were white again and we watched the traffic out the window struggling to get around the corner … there was a very determined bus who needed the whole road to slide around on, but many cars ended up being parked on the side of the road, their drivers opting to walk home.

I had taken this photo of the icicles on the play house yesterday …

Today they looked like this …

And just a couple of flower shots …

Our driveway has pretty much thawed out now so I’m going to take the kids out for a drive … snowman spotting … I’ve just got to work out how to get the 2 inches of snow off the car roof and windscreen.




6 Responses

  1. Looks pretty COOL! 😉
    I bet the kids are having an absolute blast. Love the slushy idea.

  2. Love that you all had so much fun with it – your kids will remember it forever.

  3. haha slushys!! didnt think of that!!!
    and yes the snow day was fun!!! and we had sun too!!!
    now back to snow!!! sigh!!!
    love all your pics

  4. love the slushy idea 🙂

  5. lol you saw more sun than us. The school field looked so lonely without the kids today. However there were loads of people sledding down at Newlands Park. Mike managed to get out this afternoon and get back just before the snow really started to pour down again.

  6. sounds like you’re having lots of fun:) better be gone by this time next week!!!

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