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The Slackers Challenge again … finally!

This one was supposed to be completed a long time ago but …


  1. Heidi chose a tricky style to copy … I now have much respect for Leeann Pearce and what she can do with a paintbrush.
  2. I think I’m a professional procrastinator … I spotted that opportunity as soon as Heidi set the challenge … ‘studying’ a style requires much reading of a blog and looking at pretty pictures.
  3. While I enjoy using paint … once it’s out … there’s a hesitation to get started knowing the mess it makes and the clean up involved.
  4. I had to tidy my desk so there was room for making a mess!
  5. I’ve got other stuff going on in my life … you know … I’m busy …
  6. I had to sympathise with Heidi and the shaky ground thing she was going through … if she couldn’t complete the challenge then I would wait for her …

Yeah … so Heidi blogged yesterday … so now it’s my turn …


It still looks too clean to be in true Leeann style but hopefully you can see some aspects of her style that I picked up on?


Okay … lots to do today … better get doing it


8 Responses

  1. I can definitely see Leann’s style … I think you did a great job! Totally hear you on the paint = mess thing, that’s why I hardly EVER use it!

  2. Thankyou for your sacrifice and waiting for me:) Your page is fab as always. BTW – a parcel marked with the Eiffel Tower arrived in my letterbox today.Hxx

  3. Love those photos, very cool.

  4. procrastination is a wonderful thing, you did a great job with the challenging challenge…

  5. Love the layout! Will have to scraplift that one I think 😉

  6. Love this layout Beverley. You did a great job with this challenge. I can so identify with you also re the paint. Love using it also, but often put off using it also because of the space and mess issue.. I usually find that I do more paint stuff more when I am away home at retreats etc and have room for the mess.

  7. ooh-la-la – this is way more than very ‘noice’ … it’s sensational … it’s totally gorgeous … it’s flippin’ awesome!!!! can ya tell I’m loving it!!!

  8. i love it!!!
    nothing like a challenge to get you moving

    btw i am now having to look after my nieces tomorrow so cant make the french crop day…have fun though!!!

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