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The Slackers Scrapbooking Challenge No:1

And so it appears that my mumbling about not scrapping anymore prompted an issuing of a challenge. The slack something or other scrapbooking challenge to be precise and issued by Heidi … who also seems to have been a bit slack in the scrapping area lately (of course large earthquakes form a good excuse for her I feel).


Anyway, I’m not one to pass up a good challenge … even if it is designed to push me out of my ‘usual comfort zone’ huh thanks Heidi!

So part one was to use this colour room palette.

And here’s my layout …


Look at all that space I left … un-used and un-touched and with nothing on it!


The second layout had to use papers at least 6 months old … you know, the ones sitting there untouched still!

I’m not sure how long these Basic Grey autumn looking papers have been sitting around but it’s waaaay longer than 6 months … I even found a matching sticker sheet … which was good because I’d left this one till the last minute and had to put it together rather quickly … slack much? Guess that’s why this challenge was all for me!


And the last part of the challenge was to make some cards with the leftovers … and not just any cards Heidi requested ‘fancy’ cards!  Hope these are fancy enough for you Heidi …

… I’m not particularly proud of those, wish I could card make like Sarah … but anyway that’s the challenge done!


And now … if this is Challenge No:1 … I suppose that means there will need to be a Challenge No:2 sometime soon … watch this space I guess!


7 Responses

  1. I love the first layout – open space…that’s what I always think about when I mind-plan the scrapbook pages I don’t ever make lol

  2. Wowser Miss Beverley.

  3. you know I like the untouched space and it’s nice to see you do something like that….so would you do further layouts like that? Loving the cards and funnily enough I left a comment on Heidi’s blog saying I wish I could make cards like Sarah too lol. Great challenge for you two and even better you have a bunch of cards handy.

  4. so funny how us scrappers CANT do cards!!! why do they freak us so!!!

    love all those layouts beverly…stunning as always!!

  5. Absolutely fab Beverley – nothing like a challenge to get things going. LOL.

  6. sigh…just fabulous…you win!…off to burn my cards now – and await instruction for the next challenge!!!!!

  7. oh wow … loving the white space on your layout my friend … and you can do it again and again and again … go on … you know you want to!!!

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