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Year in Review – Rebekah

2010 was a big year for Rebekah. Being in her final year of primary school (Year 6) she had a few extra important events in her year.


At the parents introduction to Intermediate night the principal said something that really made sense to me and I guess it set the tone for Rebekah’s final half year at Bellevue School. He said something like ‘Yes, Intermediate is exciting, it’s a big step and we want the kids to do well transitioning from primary school to Intermediate. But Year 6 is important too, we want the kids to end year 6 on a high note, to enjoy their final activities and make the most of this final year. Yes, they should look forward to Intermediate, but not so much that they forget to live in the moment.’ Okay, so he probably said it a bit better than that … but that was the general idea and it encouraged me to get involved a bit more, to take more photos, to enjoy this time with her.

So … bring on the Orange Day Parade … where kids who do road patrol duty at school dress in orange and parade through the city to celebrate road safety. Somehow I managed to find myself sitting at school with my sewing machine sewing up crazy orange costumes for 20 kids … all because a hula hoop and some bright orange mitre 10 mega plastic stuff gave me ideas.

It was great to see the kids proud of their costumes and proud of their school … talking to John Key seemed to be a highlight too.

They taught a unit on puberty in term 4 so I took the opportunity to take Rebekah away for a Mother/daughter weekend. I think we managed to visit 98% of the vintage/antique shops in the Wairarapa area (ulterior motives maybe?), had high tea and meals out and some good time together to chat about  puberty and all sorts of other stuff … I used this book as a starting point for our conversations.

Of course I made a note of favourite antique shops to go back to and would love to take a friend or two to this delightful little Vintage Tea House in Greytown.


Back to Rebekah … there was the school production, in which she had a singing/dancing/acting role … it was nice to see her on stage but have no photos of the event … was that because I was so busy that I completely forgot to take the camera or just that I wanted to make the most of the experience without seeing it only through the lens of my camera?  Maybe a bit of both?


School Camp … major highlight. I was lucky enough to go along as a parent helper … which was actually a really hard thing to do in terms of I had lots on, was busy at work, the other kids had things going on … and just generally going away for an entire week at the beginning of December seemed crazy. But I did, and we had lots of fun.

Lots of experiences, lots of photos and I really enjoyed spending time with the kids … made me remember that I actually enjoyed being a teacher. But at the same time I looked at the teacher in charge and was grateful that it wasn’t me who was ‘responsible’ and needing to complete all the paperwork that goes along with teaching these days.


Then in the last days of school there was the leavers dinner/dance and the final assembly where many certificates were given out recording what she’s achieved at Bellevue School.

Lots of proud moments there and lots to look forward to now as she moves on to Intermediate.


5 Responses

  1. It sounds to me like Rebekah has had a wonderful Year 6 and that your input and encouragement has played a huge part in that (along with the great message from the principal). I hope she has a fabulous year at intermediate next year!!

  2. What a great idea taking here away for a weekend – almost a ‘right of passage’ event, and lovely for both you and her to have some special one on one time out of your busy lives. What a stunning girl she is. Rebekah all the best as you head off to intemediate next year – my two intermediate years were my favourite years of school.

  3. weekend away was a good idea…and of course all those shops to visit!!

    camp sounded like fun but yes the paperwork is SILLY!!! so much for cutting back!!!

    as for intermediate…they were the best years of my life and i remember them fondly!!! she will have a blast!!!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic final year at Primary school! I hope she enjoys Intermediate – my two didn’t and it was a waste of two years – they would have learnt more sitting at home watching Discovery Channel

  5. Yep… a big year … may the next two years be full of laughter and learning and may you enjoy watching your daughter grow into a teenager … but counting to 10 every now and again is good for the Mum … lol.

    Those orange outfits, fabulous …

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