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Just for the record …

… I’m running again … I kinda lost focus when the nice ‘couch to 5k man said I should run 20mins without stopping. That doesn’t seem like much considering the amount of walking I do/have done … but for someone who just does not run … it was a huge step. So I put it off, I made excuses, I waited for the perfect weather, the perfect timing …


Today my ipod wasn’t charged, no music, no 5k man saying when to run and walk … I decided to walk anyway … Today, once I was out there, I felt like running, so I ran … and I kept running, to the end of the street, then to the next street, and the next … okay so I wasn’t moving fast or anything but I kept going and going some more and I felt good … I could breathe, I felt comfortable … so I just kept running (feeling a bit like Forest Gump at this point) … it turns out I can run 2km without stopping … reckon I could make that 2.5km next week … and maybe, just maybe I’ll get to the 5km goal one day.


So … the next thing ‘for the record’ … my clever husband has fixed the tv aerial … we can now watch tv without the snow … we won’t go into just how long it’s taken to get this sorted … we’ll just enjoy the clear viewing!


While I’m here … some creative shares …

Blackboard canvas done for Craft House … I quite like this one, the pretty ladies, the vintage bits and pieces, the Anne Taintor quotes … the perfect friend/sister type Christmas present I reckon.

There are kits for sale … but they use a Tim Holtz bird and cage instead of this crazy wire/chipboard invention I created.They come with a 12×24 canvas already with the blackboard paint on … you just need to add your own other paint colour and then decorate.


I’ve been on a bit of a sewing thing lately … making little projects out of some of the many gorgeous fabrics I’ve been collecting … little zipped pencil cases/make up bags … that sort of thing. Also combining sewing/papercraft and vintage love to create gifts like this …

Speaking of vintage love … I must fill you in on some recent vintage finds when I next have a minute or two … not now!


Before I go … a message on my answer phone today from Dad (my parents are currently on holiday in Melbourne) … it went something like “Yeah hi, we’re in a craft shop … it’s a big one, I think it’ll take us 2 days to get around …” It turns out they found the Kaiser factory shop in Geelong … do I want anything? Um … yes!



8 Responses

  1. well done on the running thing…..my goal…to walk up mt kaukau!!!! mmmm we will see!!!

    as for all the goodies….you are so clever….

    enjoy the goodies your parents find….i would SO love to visit that shop!!!!

  2. Wow, you are so my running inspiration!! I am planning to start my C25K tomorrow, and DREAD the day the nice couch man tells ME to run 20 min without stopping … but knowing that you (and many others) have done it gives me the motivation I need 🙂

    LOVE the creations, they are amazing!

  3. Awesome creations as always! …. found the Kaiser shop…??! ooooh man!!!

    Go you one the c25k… I was seriously thinking I need to get on and JUST DO IT myself.

  4. well done on “just doing it and running”. Love that canvas and after my last course and my trip to queenstown I plan to sit down and complete it.

    Whoo hoo for ya folks finding the kaiser shop, enjoy your goodies when ya folks bring them back.

  5. Lovin that canvas! What a cool idea…mmmm. Good for you on the running it’s feels so good to achieve something like that eh?

  6. PS. Would your Dad like to take some orders LOL!

  7. Go you!! It CAN be done. I’m on the wagon again too.

    um… Silly Question award to your Dad? ;P

  8. wow, go Dad … and he would be shopping for what for you … come on reveal.

    Fab-u-lous canvas too by the way … awesome!

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