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Seriously …

… it’s been more than a whole month since I last blogged … I guess that’s called an unplanned blogging break.  Hmmm … not really any one particular reason … I always intended to update … but the time, motivation and content is lacking.

So where do I start … there’s lots to catch up on …

Alexander’s 9th birthday party seems like a good place … seeing as Mum has been waiting for these photos for over a month now!

I can’t be bothered messing with the order of these photos so I guess they’ll just have to be as they are.

A toilet seat on the couch … any indication of a boys birthday party? We went with the Captain Underpants theme … being encouraged greatly by google finding Hannah’s blog when Michael went looking for party ideas. (Hannah if you noticed unusually high hits on your Tra-la-laaa!! post around mid August … it was probably us!)

So the games were all based around a large white pair of underpants … actually a few pairs of large white underpants. They make good slingshots with the toilet seat a good place to aim.

The cake … Captain Underpants in icing … a bit wonky in places but I was quite pleased with the skin colour I managed to mix.

And here he is … Stinky Chucklebutt … otherwise known as Alexander … happy to be 9 years old.

Blowing out the candles.

Pin the cape (red napkin) on Captain Underpants … large white underpants make good blindfolds!

And Liam … proof that boys are never too young to appreciate a bit of toilet humour. He thought the toilet seat on the chair in the lounge room was hilarious! I guess it was kinda good timing as he was toilet training at the time and interested in the whole underpants/toilet thing.

Had to do the chocolate game after reading about how much fun it was on Hannah’s blog. So funny having to remind the boys to ‘take your underpants off!’ … every time someone else threw a 6.

More pin the cape on Captain Underpants …

We moved the toilet seat outside for underpant slinging … 1 point for touching the seat, 2 for landing on it and 3 if they actually went in …  it was Jessi who got them in first.

And another shot of the cake … and the ‘toilet water’ (L&P) they had to drink. Michael and Alexander also made underpants cookies and we had just the normal lollies, chippies and party food.

The party bags were made from giant white underpants (of course) … with the leg holes sewn up and a zip put in the top and a red label on the waistband to identify whose underpants were whose. The boys added little bits and pieces to their bags as the party went on, such as the prizes they earned for games.

The best thing about this party was that, seeing it was such a ‘boys’ party Michael was in charge and did most of the preparation … including sewing the underpants bags! All I had to do was the cake.

Okay … so that was the party …

… will try not to leave it so long between posts in the future!


14 Responses

  1. Oh, how cool that you also had a Captain Underpants party!! It was honestly the most fun party we’ve ever had, so I’m glad you guys got some ideas … I had wanted to do the underwear flinging but we spent so long playing the other games that we ran out of time! Looks like it was a real hit 🙂

    AWESOME job on the cake, too!! Much flasher than my poor lonely pair of undies, hehe 🙂

    Happy 9th Birthday to Alexander … I mean Stinky Chucklebutt!

    P.S. I will have to show these photos to Ethan, he will love them!

  2. Hilarious!! I’m sure these pics will be fun to scrapbook LOL!

  3. PS…great job on the cake!

  4. OMG I love your son’s birthday theme and all the games you played. I am so stealing this idea for a future 9 year old in this house. What a blast your son and friends must have had. The cake is awesome too

  5. Fantastic! Love that cake. Lucky Liam didn’t try out the toilet-training on the couch loo seat!!!LOL

  6. You have the best parties, I love to read about all the details. Such a great idea for a boys birthday, like you say they all seem to love toilet humour! hehe So nice that Michael could be involved more as parties always seem to fall on the Mum’s to-do list. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. love the look of that cake AND party!!!! i so love boys parties….they look fun and silly!!!

    glad to see you back blogging too

  8. What a great party!

  9. Fantastic cake – and what a fantastic party theme!

  10. great ideas and cool cake!

  11. Fantastic party! Loved the idea when I saw it on Hannah’s blog too and since then have got Finn reading the books. He loves them too so can see a Captain Underpants party for us soon too!

  12. Looks like the kids had a great time! Bonus that it was nice and easy for you!

  13. Wow those photos made me laugh, what a great party that was thrown. It looked like a resounding success by the looks of the expression on those face .

  14. what a theme and the L&P … too funny …

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