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11 Years Ago

… after what seemed like an insanely long wait and some insane pain … I was handed a perfect little bundle … and in that moment I become a parent. Unfortunately I wasn’t handed the parenting instruction manual at that time and I guess for the last 11 years Rebekah has endured the parenting bumblings only a first born endures.

As she morphs into a young woman before our eyes we still have a great need for that parenting instruction manual … only now I’m looking for the pages that deal with tween attitude instead of baby reflux and sleep issues.

At 11 years, much of the party planning and even the cake decorating has been taken from my responsibility … and I was obliged to sit back and watch her make it happen. When at 6pm the night before her party she announced ‘I simply must sew party bags for my friends’ … how could I possibly object.(That’s just what I would do!)

Although her birthday is today we held the party a week ago so that her friends could be there before they went away for the holidays. My role was to prepare a mall scavenger hunt. The girls were split into two groups and had a series of envelopes containing instructions and in some cases money which told them where to go and what to do.

The first stop was a 123 dollar shop where they each bought a hat to wear around the mall. This was a brilliant plan for making sure they stood out in the crowds and I could keep track of them easily. They bought nail polish from cosmetics plus, erasers and pencils from smiggle, flowers from the florist, lip gloss from somewhere else, they had to pick up a photo of Rebekah from the photo shop, get a travel brochure from house of travel, candles for the cake from the $2 shop and a bus timetable from customer services. Other ‘free’ things included a serviette from muffin break, sugar from Jamaica Blue and they had to count the manikin bodies at Bra’s and Things. The group that didn’t have Rebekah bought her a present from nature discoveries and Rebekah had to go to Kikki K to pick up a present which I had organised in advance. The last stop for both groups was the supermarket where they bought chippies and drink then we sat in the food court and had afternoon tea which included a cake I’d bought from the supermarket while they were running around.

The mall is a great place for taking photos and the girls were so into posing and very proud of their hats too!

We then took them home and fed them an anagram dinner (will do a separate post on that later) played party games, applied nail polish and watched a movie. I wasn’t keen to do the whole sleep over thing this year so I sent them all home at 9pm after filling them up on sugar and food colouring! Oh and the little bits and pieces they bought at the mall become the contents for their party bags along with their hats and flowers. So … a very successful party and with very minimal creative effort on my part … I’m thinking she’s just about trained up to take over the organising of future Warwick parties … although I’m not sure I’m ready to hand it all over yet!

Today we had family over for dinner … this is the cake she decorated (it’s a penguin). I figured you can’t go far wrong with jellybeans and chocolate fish!

And before I go … a note about the cupcakes in the last post. The spaghetti is just icing … I used an icing tip with a small round hole and just squeezed and squeezed until I had enough. The ‘meatballs’ are ferrero rocher chocolates covered in strawberry sauce. So perfectly yummy to eat … just a little weird to look at.


8 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Rebekah! What a fabulous party you organised!

  2. lol im ok with those meatballs now!!! had another look!!!…As for that party what a good idea….love the treasure hunt….and cake!!! happy birthday Rebekah

  3. Just love the idea of the mall scavenger hunt. My kids do their own cake decorating now – its become a tradition. LOL. Happy Birthday Rebekah

  4. What an awesome day. (And I’m so with you on no big sleepovers! They would have had an amazing time without needing that as well!). What a great Mum you are.

  5. Wow! That little girl could be heading for a career in function planning, that party rocked. And what a wonderful Mum she has, it must be hard to hand over but how special that she did it herself..

  6. The mall treasure hunt sounds like a great idea! well done – I think she might just be ready to become the event planner of the Warwick family – but are you??LOL

  7. What a great idea for a party – a mall scavenger hunt! I love it! Rebekah obviously has the party planning skills of her mother, and I think the 2 of you need to go into business together! Seriously. I’d hire you 🙂

    Happy 11th Birthday, Rebekah!

  8. Happy belated birthday Miss Eleven. What an awesome party idea – they obviously had a ball.

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