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High Tea in Wellington … again.

I can’t believe my High Tea at Hippopotamus experience happened 2 weeks ago and I’m only just blogging about it now. Good things take time huh? And this was certainly a good thing.

I was treated to a lovely afternoon out at the Museum Hotel restaurant, Hippopotamus … even the transport to and from was provided … I felt very spoilt … thanks to my Angelic Friend.

As the sign says … they do this daily but you gotta book. We went on a Saturday afternoon and it was reasonable busy with a couple of larger groups there.

Here’s Janine studying the drinks menu … I thought it was really rather neat how they put it on the back of a canvas …

kinda arty with the distressed corners and all.

They offer different categories of high tea … we took the elegant high tea option which seemed most suitable for us elegant ladies! This gave us our preferred choice of tea, a selection of french delights to indulge the palate and a glass of wine. Very nice!

And the tea menu … we had all these tea options but we only tried two. I liked the Mediterranean mandarin best but the Rose with French vanilla was rather nice too. I’m not sure exactly how many cups of tea I drank during the afternoon as there was always someone coming by to refill my tea cup … but it must have been lots cos I had to go to the bathroom a million times afterwards!

It was a very fancy high tea with a silver milk jug and sugar bowl … quite a contrast to the more ‘homey’ Martha’s High Tea which has more of a vintage fancy feel.

And the food … oh my! Very fancy. We worked our way up the layers starting with the savoury items on the bottom tier. The waitress took the time to explain everything on the plate and I’ve gotta be honest … some of those fancy things wouldn’t have been ordered had I been picking off a menu … but even my very conservative food tastes enjoyed the experience … of course it was that top tier that I enjoyed the most.

Here’s the view from our table …

After a very relaxing and indulgent afternoon we explored the hotel foyer while waiting for our chauffeur (aka Mike) to come pick us up.

Loved the furniture … some funky chairs, tables and other bits … only trouble was there wasn’t enough light to take good photos … of course I didn’t have my slr camera with me so I was kinda camera impaired armed only with a ‘point and shoot’ camera.

Loved these bodies on the wall … and all the other artwork around … and was totally fascinated by this duck.

I loved the beads and sequins and flowers and bits … but the idea that it was a dead duck … hmmm … not so sure if altered art should go this far!

Anyway … it was a lovely afternoon out and it was nice to feel ‘elegant’ for an afternoon … next time we plan to dress up a little more … vintage hats included!


10 Responses

  1. hey liked your photos.I must admit I do like that photo of me lol. Your welcome, I enjoyed the company and the surroundings.

  2. Looks lovely- love how you made it an occassion. I have quite a few meetings at the Museum Hotel and it’s just lovely – the artwork is great (especially when you’re waiting for someone who is late!)

  3. Sounds and looks wonderful!! 🙂

  4. looks like a great place to go

  5. Very elegant indeed – nice to play elegant ladies and be waited on. Loved your photo share of the experience. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  6. Wow – that all looks devine. Love the photo of Janine studying the drinks menu.

  7. What an awesome afternoon, just wondering if something like this would work in Dunedin. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You and Janine are the High Tea queens!

  9. tea for two and two for tea … high tea that is !!!

    Lucky you!!!

  10. Hi Beverley
    I’m coming to Wellington in a few weeks and was wondering if you could email me as I have a few questions for you


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