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Cupcake Icing

I’m not sure if you can call this a recipe because it’s not exactly specific but this is how I made the cupcake icing on Saturday morning …

A chunk of butter – a little bit less than half a block – 200gms maybe? Soften in the microwave and then into the mixer to beat on high speed. (I’ve used canola spread before if I’m wanting a dairy free icing.)

A lump of kremelta – about the same size as the chunk of butter. Soften in microwave too and then into the mixer to beat with the butter. It’s kinda hard to get the softening of this stuff right … you don’t want it melted … although mine melted a little bit on Saturday and the icing was still fine. And if you don’t soften it enough you get little hard lumps in the icing which clog up the icing tip and are kinda unpleasant when eating it.

500gms of icing sugar … I just dumped the whole bag in with the butter mix and turned the mixer up on high … I’m always grateful for the plastic splash cover my mixer came with!

The longer you beat for the lighter and fluffier the icing becomes … I quite often go away and do something else for a few minutes. It’s also helpful if you scrape down the sides of the bowl every so often.

Sometimes I add vanilla essence, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes the icing needs to be more spreadable so I add a few drops of warm milk or water till it seems right. On Saturday the icing was perfect without this step … maybe that little bit of completely melted kremelta was a good thing for consistency.

I only use this kremelta recipe for special cupcakes … because it’s not something I keep in my cupboard and usually requires a special trip to the supermarket to buy … but I think it’s worth it when piping the icing like this because it seems to help the icing keep it’s shape. The plain version just uses more butter instead … and works almost as well. I’m pretty sure the key is the amount of time you beat it for.

So … cupcakes anyone?


8 Responses

  1. gosh i am hungry….all this talk about cupcakes!!!! pictures of cupcakes!!!! mmmmmm

    love the canvas too

  2. Mmmmm I want a cupcake NOW!! One of your cookies and cream ones please rofl!

  3. I agree – I think it’s the lenght of time that you beat the icing as I beat mine for ages and it holds its shape well

  4. Yay thanks so much beverley now off to find my cup cake receipie! 😉

  5. I’m with the other girls – feeling rather hungry now … think a batch of cupcakes will be being baked tomorrow morning! 🙂

  6. sure, will you make me one lol, I don’t make cupcakes with handy people like you around.

  7. I’ve never made cupcakes … but I think that next time you are down south you might have to come and visit and strut your stuff in my kitchen …

  8. weeeelll, since you’re offering …

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