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Super Mum …

Feeling a little bit like super mum today … gimmee a cape and I could fly!

Michael’s away this week so I’m doing the parenting thing alone. Today I started out with a quick run (in the car) down to the dairy to pick up icing sugar for the cupcakes I should have iced last night – but couldn’t because like I said before Michael wasn’t home and I couldn’t just pop down to the shop at 11pm when I realised I was out.

So 24 iced, sprinkled, glittered and suitably decorated cupcakes later and 3 reluctant to get dressed and eat breakfast kids were packed into the car and we rushed off to soccer, dropping the cupcakes off at a party on the way.

Soccer games are sooooo long now that Alexander is older and the field so much bigger. But it was a great game to watch and it was good to see Alexander getting some ball time and showing more confidence on the field. Jessi had a great time playing in the mud while I was busy watching the game, Rebekah came up every so often to remind me she was bored.

(This is actually Alexanders team playing a few weeks ago … I didn’t have my camera with me this morning … but same field, same shirts … just way more muddy this morning!)

Then it was off to watch the netball game … Rebekah still isn’t playing on account of the cast on her arm, but we want to encourage her to still be part of the team supporting from the sideline. Funny thing is that a netball court is a lot smaller than a soccer field and you don’t have to yell so loud … gotta remember that when you’ve just come from a soccer game. I do like the length of a netball game though … goes much quicker than soccer.

(She actually has a blue cast on her arm at the moment … this black one was too loose and she could slip it off)

We then stopped off at home to change out of muddy sport gear and quickly put together a couple of suitable birthday gifts and then it was off to the birthday party of these two …

Beautiful matching little girls whom I fell in love with way back when I first met them as toddlers dressed as fairies. Two … the same … and so cute.

I think I took a million photos of them and their party … and I was only there for half the party!

Then … out of sheer determination to fit yet another thing in … we left the party and went to a second hand book fair. And that’s where I got this bargain of the day …

$2! And it is beautiful … the pictures are just perfect.

And it even had a pressed flower between it’s pages … I would love to know how long that’s been there for. The book itself, seems to be from 1921 … as far as I can tell from my extensive google research!

I also picked up a few ladybird books which I’d been on the lookout for and the kids came away with a bag of books each … a good way to ensure quiet kids for an evening!

(Mum … is there any more of these at home?)

Jessi has her friend Charlize sleeping over tonight so I had a couple of giggling girls in the bathroom taking a bubble bath after dinner. They seem to have settled down now, so I’m hoping they are asleep for the night and won’t wake too early in the morning.

I’ve done the dishes, the washing, cleaned the bathroom, got the other two washed and in bed and edited a million party photos and put them on a disk for the birthday girls. So … yeah, a super mum kind of day … I’ll be needing that cape now!


11 Responses

  1. Wow go super mum! Made me tired just reading your post! hehe loved Rebekah’s arm cast, very clever 🙂

  2. Wow, go you!!! Supermum alright 😉

  3. I am tired reading!!!!whew….you are a machine
    and hey if you ever need icing sugar (maybe not that late though)…let me know and i will run it up to you!!!

  4. I think your always a super Mum Beverley. You have three awesome kids and still manage to fit in a heap of other things. So not only should you have the cape, but a matching tiara (hmmm could there be such a thing as super Mum Princess!!)

  5. Wow super mum go you! Love the cupcakes – what receipe do you use for the icing it always looks super!

  6. gulp – yep … you can keep the super mum cape … that sounds exhausting!!!

    Love the look of those cup cakes … ummmmm … heavenly!!!!

    And that book … oh wow!

  7. Hi Beverley – I stumbled upon your blog and while reading it I was instantly amazing by you (this is all in one day – you mothers certainly have a way). What struck a cord with me the most (a fellow netball player myself so slightly biased perhaps) was the fact you still took Rebekah along to the netball game so she could encourage the team despite being on the sideline.

    I take my hat off to that and I wish more parents would do the same because playing a sport isn’t just about winning or losing and sorry to use such an old cliche but it’s true. Learning to remain positive and there to support your team is a crucial life lesson.

    When I went through school we had Peer Support Leaders and while I don’t know Rebekah personally, I hope she may want to be one one day.

  8. Wowee! go Super cupcake woman!!LOL

  9. Oh Bev, what a find with that “Girls Own Annual” – that seriously brings back memories. My Grandmother had those and we used to absolutely love pouring through them when we were kids. Sounds like you have had a super busy weekend – made me exhausted just reading about it.

  10. I just licked the icing off that cupcake

  11. ewwww at Penny lol…..hey there supermum, loving the girls own annual, how gorgeous, I am envious. The only downside to a roadtrip away was missing the bookfair. Glad you got some goodies.

    I hope Mr Supermum brings home some nice pressies fo you….

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