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In breaking news

The plaque of frogs recently found in Northland has migrated south to Wellington …

or at least some cousins of the rare northland tree frog and the equally rare beach print frog have been found lurking around my house.

Meet the rare green satin bellied frog.

His belly is so satisfyingly shiny and smooth, I’m sure he’s of royal decent and a golden crown would look perfectly fitting on his head.

He’s not entirely perfect though and a little tweaking of the pattern was necessary before his vintage inspired friend appeared.

This rare authentically vintage frog would be perfectly camouflaged face up on Grandma’s tablecloth or face down on the chenille bedspread in her bedroom. He has a slightly longer forearm than his royal satin bellied friend and his corners are more rounded.

I even got wise on the cutting and sewing of this one …

I only cut one layer then pinned the fabric right sides together. By sewing around it this way I didn’t have to worry about the layers matching up exactly or finding any little holes where the bottom layer slipped over too far. (Yeah I’m a lazy sewing and don’t use enough pins!) Once I’d sewn around the edge I then trimmed the bottom fabric layer to match, snipped in towards the seam at the corners, turned in the right way and filled with rice. (Next time we run out of rice for dinner, we’ll be eating frog stuffing!)

The frogs can now be found cavorting with each other in the vicinity of my scrapping supplies.

I don’t think there is any danger of a plaque of Moses proportions happening though … I think two is enough for now.

And while the sewing machine was out and the purl bee blog open … I finally put together this little babushka coin purse I’d been meaning to make for a while now.

The sewing machine is now away and it’s back to scrapping again I think.

Thanks for inspiring me Mummymoo!


9 Responses

  1. How neat!!! No chance of the plaque invading my house, I cannot sew to save myself! So it looks like frogs might be the next big thing (you know, after owls and cupcakes)? 😉

  2. So cute! Looks like a fun and easy pattern, love the button eyes.

  3. hello vintage and satin cousins from the cotton cousins in the north 🙂

    oh Beverley these are brilliant and I love how the vintage one would be camouflaged on a bedspread – I am still giggling over that and yours have the most amazing eyes !!

    Love the little purse to so cute !!

  4. very cute!

  5. Oh so noice – love seeing your lovely creations. I have found this awesome site which has had been waste many an hour googling over some very pretty things too. There is a link on my blog if you are interested. You might have already seen it anyway.

  6. cute frogs

  7. awwwwww so cute, love your sewing technique it appealed to me. Your frogs look cute and I had a giggle about the rice and how handy it will be if you run out of it in the future. Loving the coin purse, its freaking awesome!!

  8. Very cool work there – I do like me a frog or two!heehee and how cunning of you to think of your familys food storage needs…LOL

  9. well then … aren’t you just a bleedin’ crafty critter … fab-u-lous!!!

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