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Sunday afternoon drive

The use of the automobile for the Sunday drive began in the 1920s and 1930s. The idea was that the automobile was not used for commuting or errands, but for pleasure. There would be no rush to reach any particular destination.

The fine tradition of the Sunday afternoon drive was given a slightly modified ‘Warwick’ twist this afternoon. It’s not often – with our busy lives – that we drive just for pleasure. There is always somewhere to be, an errand or two to run, and then a rush to get back home for some reason or another.

This afternoons adventure started out that way … I had a trade me purchase to pick up which took us out to Upper Hutt …

Isn’t it nice … my very own tea trolley … I’ve been looking for the perfect piece of furniture for this corner more or less since we moved into this house 5 years ago.

Anyway … back to the Sunday drive. So we found ourselves in a beautiful part of the world where the trees actually looked like Autumn … rich colours everywhere … and it seemed silly to just rush back to our evergreen part of the world … so we took a drive along a few winding country roads just to see what we could see. The kids found horses, cows, donkeys, llamas, pigs, pukeko’s, ducks, chocolate chippie sheep … all kinds of things.

We stopped along the way for coffee and cake while the kids played in the cafe playground … in the old days I remember we’d stop for icecream from a corner dairy and if we were lucky a quick play in a playground.

It was a little bit difficult to explain to the kids the whole ‘Sunday drive’ concept. They kept wanting to know where we were going and why … just goes to show how specific our driving usually is.

Anyway, we stopped to take photos of autumn leaves…

Two kids were cooperative … one … not so much!

And I got just one reasonable one of all three of them

And then we tried for a self timer family shot …

I got two shots … the second one was worse!

And then, we drove back towards the city and decided to check out an art exhibition which was recommended to us.

Light and dry ice … a pretty cool concept. You can just see the kids sitting inside the wall of light above.

Dancing in the light.

Making our own art out of light … so fun … for the whole family.

So that was our Sunday afternoon.

Now … a quick creative share …

This is what I’ve been working on this weekend.

A flower lampshade … Teresa Collins style.

Just a small part of a larger project I’m working on … will share more soon.

Time for hot chocolate and bed I think.


18 Responses

  1. GORGEOUS!!! Gorgeous trolley, gorgeous, autumn photos and especially gorgeous lamp shade!!!

  2. Sounds like heaps of fun at playing with he light. LOVE the photo of your daughter behind the tree – LOVE IT!
    Cool lamp bet that took hours!

  3. we used to always do sunday drives…and i could never understand where we were going!!! love it

    love that lamp too…to start with i thought it was a bouquet of flowers…. love it

  4. Oh yeah bring back the Sunday drives. We used to do our own Tiki Tours when the kids were younger – went from playing in the water at the river up to the snow. They loved it. I thought your lamp was a bouquet as well scrolling down – just lovely.

  5. lol – we’d sometimes drive from Invercargill to Queenstown when I was a kid – we’d get an ice cream then go back home. I loved it, and we take “meaningless” drives often (as often as petrol prices allow anyway)

    Love the lampshade!

  6. Sounds fun! I LOVE spontaneous Sunday drives. We try to do things like that every couple of months. The boys enjoy it too. Great photos of the kids playing in the autumn leaves – they will look fab on a layout! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    The lamp is just BEAUTIFUL!!

  7. The lampshade is to die for. I totally love it. Thanks so much for sharing the link – I feel a project coming on!

  8. I love that you found chocolate chippie sheep – what a cool description. Your lamp is a stunner and all the family shots are gorgeous (even the one of the unco-operative oldest daughter lol).

  9. Stunning Lamp there Bev. Nice trolley, yippe for Trade Me finds. LOL at the Sunday drive, I think mst kids don’t understand the concept…..we used to have a lot of Sunday drives, always fun and always an adventure.

  10. gorgeous lamp shade!

  11. We take Grace out most Sundays for a drive no where in particular, it’s great fun exploring new playgrounds and getting a treat while out whether it be icecream, lunch or coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the Autumn photos of you and the kids, they are all great! Hope to get some of Grace before the seasons colours fade. Love the lamp, what a great idea!

  12. Do you know I grew up in Upper Hutt, Beverley! I love the tea trolley…I have one similiar in my hallway. Not sure where from but I love it especially since one of my friends dh “did it up” for me.

    Love the kids/leaves..family pic. My kids get all “funny” when I pull out the camera now. Why oh why do they have to stop liking the camera looking at them…LOL!

    Oh and very cool looking lamp too!

  13. Wow what great pics! Sadly the Sunday drive has been a bit swallowed up by the rising cost of petrol and sunday shopping.

  14. cool shade!

  15. fabulous lamp shade … I spied the lamp on her blog and at the time, thought to myself … must remember that.

    Pics of the kids in the great outdoors are fab-u-lous … even from the ‘not so helpful model’ … in fact … might have my pic taken like that … must remember that!! Sounds like I am repeating myself – lol.

  16. I really enjoyed hearing about your Sunday drvie. The art exhibtion looked like fun. Love your lamp shade.

    hugs & blessings


  17. Oh I forgot to say that your tea trolley has prompted me to get the old one of the in laws out of the shed, clean it up and use it.

  18. I love the trolley find Beverley….I’ve been after one of thoses for ages also….love all your latest projects……just gorgeous! Especially the lamp shade……love it!


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