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The holidays are over

once again … and term two has begun.

I’m left wondering where the last two weeks have gone. This morning I  felt like I should have another week of holidays just to hang out with my kids and enjoy their company.

But then I sat here at home this afternoon, with the floors clean and tidy, the washing on and the groceries done for the week and I appreciated the peace and quiet which seemed to reach every corner of my home. It was nice.

It also felt good to get out by myself and run … I kinda lost the momentum there for a while so I just did a week 1 run of the C25K program … and surprisingly found the run easy going … but the walk back up the hill after was harder than I remember!

On another topic … I’ve been on a quest … a mission perhaps … over the last few weeks. My family now knows the location of all second hand and antique shops in the greater Wellington area. As we drive up to a shop the kids have become quite good at recalling bargains and treasure finds of past visits. Michael came with us on the weekend as we checked in once again with a few several of these shops. I think he was a little surprised that Jessi seemed to know exactly where she should sit and wait while I wandered the shop … and Alexander knew where to find toys and comics … hey … it pays to go back often … that’s how you find the good stuff!

And then we found her …

Meet Henrietta.

She’s definitely a Henrietta … not sexy enough for a Lola or anything … but she’s perfect for what I wanted and seems quite at home at my place …

now if only she’d do the dishes for me!

A quick layout share before I go

This was my sample layout for the kids scrapbooking class I took in the holidays … tried to keep it simple but also include a few different techniques.

I really enjoy seeing how they take the ideas and techniques I share and make their own perfect layouts.

Okay … time to get the kids into bed and think about creating a dress for Henrietta.


12 Responses

  1. isnt henrietta stunning….. hope she loves being spoiled with dresses and aprons!!!!
    as for the holidays…i am sure time speeds up over the time i am off!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Had to laugh at your first couple of paragraphs as that sounded like me. LOL. And just how often do you go to these secondhand/antique shops for the kids to know the drill??? ROFL

  3. If Henrietta does learn to do the dishes, could she come to my house for a while LOL??

  4. Love what you’ve done with the glimmermist mask – I need one of those…

  5. Enjoy your solitude and the chance to get things done. I can relate, it is nice to tidy up in the morning and see that it is STILL tidy at 2.30pm (but not for long, LOL). Henrietta looks amazing, what a great find! Wouldn’t it be great if she DID do your housework, you could scrap all day!

  6. Loooove that layout, it’s gorgeous, love the torn paper, well actually all of it. Henrietta is extremely cool, methinks she’s going to have some very cool outfits.

  7. Welcome to the family Henrietta, she looks good in pink. LOL surely you could train her to do the dishes. I had a day like you yesterday, when I got home from work and this arvo is turning out to be the same. Feels good when you tick things off your to do list.

  8. Yep, Henrietta looks stunning in pink …

  9. good to see your kids are responding to their op-shop indoctrination. 😉

  10. Wonderful page Beverly…love the mask/glimmermisting and buttons!

    I hope you and Henrietta having a very productive relationship!

  11. […] made Henrietta a paper wedding dress this week and am about to go set up a display at the Wellington Wedding […]

  12. Hi Bev
    Michael suggested I visit your blog to catch up – wonderful! Henrietta and the paper wedding dress wnet really well for you. Poor Rebekah to get sideined at the start of netball, though I am sure she can do some observation and coaching well.
    I absolutely loved the surprise you were given on Mother’s Day – I suspect the car out of petrol was a total reflection of just how busy you had all been. and the need to slow down and catch your breat from time to time?
    You have a wonderful family and lifestyle.
    Go Beverly!

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