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Been on an Adventure

To here …

To see this …

and this

That would be Michael wearing a dress about to graduate … again.

So we had a couple of days in the big smoke celebrating and shopping / shopping and celebrating …

without the kids …

Had a fancy dinner out at an Italian restaurant somewhere along Mission Bay and enjoyed the best chocolate mousse ever.

Missed this lot a little bit …

… actually everyone is missing the biggest girl a lot … she’s been in Invercargill with Grandma and Grandad … we’re looking forward to picking her up at the airport tomorrow.

Came home to teach this layout class …

and have spent the last day or so making big creative plans but not actually doing a lot to make them happen. Now seems like a good time to start … but should I scrap, sew, paint, bead … ?

I guess with the whole weekend ahead of me I can do it all!


10 Responses

  1. looks like a fun mini trip…and that mousse!!
    love the layout too…happy crafting this weekend…might just join you in my craft mess!!!!!!!

  2. Nice dress Michael and congrats on graduating, thats an awesome reward for all the hard work you have put in.

    Bev like the new banner. Loved the scarf you rocked it and the necklace looks fab on you.

    Whoooah at the mousse, looked yummy. Enjoy your weekend and catching up with Miss R.

  3. Oh, you should have told me you were up here, we could have caught up 😉

    Congratulations to Michael on his (second) graduation! LOL at the “wearing a dress” comment – I bet he loved being teased by you!! My friend Heidi graduated (again) yesterday, she got her Masters in social work.

    I bet Rebekah is also excited to see you again. Reunions are so nice 🙂

  4. Gorgeous layout, your work is so inspiring.

  5. Congrats to that DH of yours. Glad you had a couple of days away together and yep, that mousse does look just a bit scrumptious!

  6. Nice to have a weekend away with just each other – looks like you guys had a great time. Congratulations to Michael on his graduation. He won’t know what to do with himself now without any study. Chocolate Mousse looks divine. . Have a great weekend.

  7. yep — you can do it all … be creative all weekend … has to be good for you.

    Congrats to DH on graduating … and as for that dessert … OMG – totally decadent …

  8. All very exciting your end then – hope you’re having a fun creative weekend.

  9. love the layout – mousse looks very yummy!

  10. congratulations to Michael 🙂

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