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Enough with the March birthdays!

It seems like March has more than it’s fair share of birthdays.

And I have had more than my fair share of trying to keep up with them all. Earlier in the month I almost didn’t manage to keep up … first there was my cousin’s birthday, then my brother’s and his daughter’s and then my cousin’s daughters … presents were organised only just before each event and unfortunately handmade cards were just not possible.

With the next wave of birthdays I made it my mission to provide handmade cards along with presents … with the complication of postage time to Dunedin I almost didn’t manage … in fact I was a day or two late for my nephew but a couple of days early for my sister. The cards were fairly simple … but still handmade.

Then there was Janine’s birthday … I simply had to come up with a suitably handmade ‘tea party’ pretty card. But I forgot to take a photo of it … so I’ve nicked this off her blog …

Then this weekend two more friends had birthdays … but only one required a card.

All very simple but it’s nice to be using those supplies I have sitting around.

It’s also interesting to consider the very different birthday celebrations I’ve been to recently.

Friday night saw us at a family pot luck dinner … an at home kind of party where you b.y.o and the kids play in the background while the parents have a few laughs together. It was nice.

Saturday night was a girls night out an a local bar. Mums that I normally see in casual clothes at school were all dressed up with make-up on … the birthday ‘girl’ paid for the first drink for everyone and we sat and chatted as best we could over the loud music. It was nice too.

And then in contrast was Janine’s crafty tea party … where we dressed in our finery, did some crafting together and drank tea from china tea cups and ate fancy sandwiches. It was very nice.

I guess it’s a good reflection on the different types of friends I have and the different personalities of each of them. Just out of interest … what kind of party suits you best?


5 Responses

  1. Your cards look great Bev – I’ve been trying to make a lot of mine this year also, which reminds we that I have two birthdays coming up this week so I had better get busy. Love the girlie nights out too. I guess I love going out for coffee or dinner but somewhere where you don’t have to try and talk over loud music or noise, Love the high tea parties too.

  2. Very pretty – love the robot dudes! Robots seem to be the new owls! lol And finishing the insides too – good girl! UGH – isn’t the postage time to down south ridiculous?! I just can’t be THAT organised! I sent off four cards this morning, one fast post to hopefully get there on wednesday (yeah right)

  3. But March is the BEST month for birthdays!! (mine is on Wed) … still, I can totally relate to the crazy feeling when you have tons of presents to buy and cards to make, all within the space of a few weeks. May is like that in our family! πŸ™‚

  4. LOL at March birthdays…..your poor thing looks like us March babies have kept you on your toes. Nice cards. You know me I like the tea party idea. But on the other hand as long as I am with friends and family it doesn’t matter what I do πŸ™‚

  5. yep, all our family birthday seem to cluster around Xmas – who planned that one!!!

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