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Busy … much?

There’s a new term my friends have begun throwing around ‘Beverley busy‘ … as in “Yeah, I’m busy but I’m not Beverley busy!”

Okay so this weekend might have been extreme … but a full life is a happy life right?

Church camp was this weekend … so Friday night we packed up the car and headed up to Foxton beach … I packed a small bag of crafty stuff so that in moments of ‘sitting still’ I could keep my hands busy by making small hairclips and brooches to be sold at the school fair.

After a night of unsuccessful sleep (lumpy camp bunk mattresses and a snoring husband) I pulled myself out of bed and sneaked off to the beach for a run/walk. Unfortunately I forgot my ipod so made up my own version of run/walk while taking in the beautiful early morning view and refreshing sea breeze … we returned later in the day for an ocean swim … lets just say it was very refreshing!

Of course … it would be silly to drive all the way to Foxton and not check out the secondhand shops there … so another ‘sneaking off’ trip happened just after lunch … I returned with these goodies …

The hat was a fantastic find and perfect for a certain tea party I planned to go to. I didn’t realise exactly how old the holiday annual book was but just loved the coloured picture plates inside … after some quick google research it seems that it’s about 100 years old … and probably worth a whole lot more than the couple of dollars I paid for it.

Unfortunately there were also several exciting finds that I had to leave in the shop … including many more gorgeous hats, some amazing old giant keys … you know the sort that would open the secret garden … a beautiful dressing table and matching chair … and the list goes on …!

Anyway, I returned from camp early so I could share a table with a friend at the school fair Sunday morning selling crafty stuff.

And then it was time to dress in my finery … and attend a wonderful tea party. I’ll leave it to our Angelic friend to share the details … but just so you know … I had this for lunch today:


9 Responses

  1. very cute cupcake!

  2. lol – being that busy in the weekend would drive me insane, our weekends are all sleep ins and cuddling on the sofa watching DVDs and picnics! You make it look fun though – was great to see some of your purchases yesterday!

  3. Sneaking off – love it. Some cool finds there.

  4. Well, “Busy Beverley” it does sound like you had a wonderful weekend. Love the idea of sneaking away to check out the local shopping options! Unfortunately Rob and I organise our church camp each year so there is never any ‘sneaking off” for me! 😦
    The cupcake looks yummy, I am looking forward to reading the Angelic One’s blog post when she has time to write it … and photos too, of course.

  5. It does sound like you have been busy – love that you still managed to sneak some retail therapy in there.

  6. sneaking away huh … a right wee treasure trove …

  7. I so wish we had vintage style shops down here – sounds like you found lots of treasures!! Your weekend sounds busy but happy!!

  8. I am loosing the plot I already thought I had commented, it must have been in my head lol.

    I love that hat it’s a shame you remembered to take it home lol….it could have easily stayed here on my head lol.

    Glad you made room for the cupcake oh busy one……

  9. Ooooo bit nippy for a swim then eh! Nice treasures you found in Foxton.

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