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Well … you know it’s been too long between blog posts when you’ve gotta sign back in to wordpress.

So, when I left you last … I was looking forward to a trip to Christchurch and had a half painted house.

The Christchurch trip was FABULOUS!

We had a fantastic time.

Starting with an early morning wander along the beach …

Breakfast at Petticoat/Pukeko Junction. World famous because of Mrs Frizz.

The display of vintage plates on the wall set the scene for our hunting down all things vintage.

Trace had done her homework and had us enjoying vintage shopping at it’s finest all over Christchurch.

This was just Saturday’s finds … pearls, cigarette cards, silver spoons waiting to be altered, vintage labels. Sunday revealed many more exciting treasures including a very cool wooden cutlery tray which won’t be used for storing cutlery, wooden cotton reels with lovely coloured cottons on them and more vintage magazines and books.

We got to meet up with these two … although only very briefly … next time it must be longer … and we’ll even take the time to make sure everyone is ready before I take the photo huh?!

Went here to use the bathroom …

And discovered little old ladies who smelled of mothballs and carried little pots of coins with them into the bathroom. I’m assuming it’s different if you go at night? Of course I was most excited to find they provide hair straighteners in the bathroom … it seemed so timely given my new ‘straight hair’ thing I have going on at the moment! Although … I’m not sure I’d actually insert coins and use casino straighteners … and it did leave me wondering who actually would?

The Swannanoa Retreat was the perfect getaway … the moonlit spa was bliss and the entertainment was delightful.

Although very hard to get a photo as it seemed that getting down on the floor was an invitation to be jumped upon and licked.

Thanks for an awesome weekend Trace …

will be in touch soon to book dates for a winter retreat … hot chocolates and a ride in a hot air balloon will have to be on the agenda.

Oh and the house now looks like this:


11 Responses

  1. Yahoo – looking forward to the winter retreat then. LOL. Can see Trace and Donna loving those doggy photos – very frameable(?). What a nice little haul of goodies you have there and as for altering the spoons – can’t wait to see that. LOL

  2. So that’s what the spoons are for….Hmmm now I want winter to hit – you guys back for a visit and oh that so nice hot chocolate lol. Love the photos.

  3. glad you had a great time…love the ‘vicki NOT ready shot’…also love the colour of your house…yah that it is all done.

  4. Glad you have a great time 🙂 Looks like some great finds in your vintage shopping! The house looks fab too.. also what a lovely photo of Trace and her dog 🙂

  5. What a great weekend you had! Love all the photos, but especially the one of Trace … I think somebody will have to scrap that! Your breakfast looks very yummy too 🙂

    Your house is looking really great … sadly ours is much further behind yours in terms of progress, we are STILL on the sanding stage!

  6. wow … super duper freakin’ awesome photos … next time you ladies will just have to ‘get it together’ timing-wise for the photo shoot.

    Brilliant pic of Trace and her baby.

    And your house looks fan-tab-u-lous!

    … and before I forget, love that haul of wee treasures.

  7. Looks like a great weekend had by all! Will have to get a list and map of all those vintage shops for my next visit to ChCh, as those treasures look amazing – can’t wait to see them after they have been altered! House looks great, our house doesn’t need painted but hubby is cleaning off all the fences for a tidy-up paint

  8. Have to agree those are a great bunch of pics! the house looks great. Glad you had such a fab time here – look forward to seeing you back in the winter.

  9. is it wrong to be obssessed by the thought of that hot chocolate…lol and I would love to have seen you use those straightners too. By the way when we were out on our walk I had a glance at ya house and it looked good.

  10. Yay! Sounds like a great weekend 🙂

    And the house looks great. Chocolate goes rather well with turquoise you know.

  11. Great pic of the house, wow it’s looking awesome. How on earth do you do all the stuff you do and act so relaxed lol!

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