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Feeling Blessed

I’m feeling grateful for  many things today.

For my sewing machine for starters … I’ve been playing.

This is my new … vintage shopping bag … to use when such places like The Warehouse ask me if I wanna pay 10c for a plastic bag … no I don’t and I’ll darn well try carrying everything I just bought and risk dropping it all on the road outside before I pay for a bag.

The flowery fabric is part of  a vintage sheet I picked up at a garage sale last weekend … after I’d just finished begging my Mum to go looking for some in Invercargill cos I couldn’t find any here. I came home with a whole stack of linen ready to be re-purposed for my sewing endeavors, and best of all, it was a local Church garage sale and my $10 for vintage linen and some really cool patty tins and 3 handbags and some vintage books will go towards helping Haiti.

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to play with my machine … so I’ve used lots of different stitches and tried out buttonholes … magic that is, simply magic … soooooo easy!

I think this heart stitch will be well used.

I’m grateful that I am able to take some time out of my day to sew … which reminds me of just how grateful I am to have such an awesome job where I get to work more or less as it suits me … gotta love that.

I also spent much of today catching up on the washing … not usually a job I feel grateful for … but today, I was feeling pretty darn blessed to have clothes to wash and organise ready for my trip away this weekend. I’m flying with this good friend to Christchurch to stay with this lovely friend and will hopefully get to meet in real life these two awesome blogging friends … excited … just a bit!

And I’m thankful for my new hair straighteners too … I LOVE straight hair! The circumstances that made me buy them … not so good. While doing my hair yesterday my old hairdryer decided to throw out sparks and flames … by the time I squealed and dropped it the circuit breaker thingy popped and the blackened plug was the only evidence of the dangerous monster that finally lay lifeless on the floor by my feet. So yeah … off to The Warehouse to buy a new hairdryer … and while there I convinced myself that it was time to pursue the dream of straight hair. So I went for a cheaper hair dryer that will do the job just fine … without blowing up I hope … and the cutest pink hair straighteners that work surprisingly well for the price I think … and no, I did not pay 10c for a bag!


11 Responses

  1. Yay, no more sleeps – see you tonight! And that heart stitch, seriously gorgeous. Lets hope we can full your suitcase with Christchurch goodness to take home!

  2. Staying at the Swannanoa Retreat is the absolute best. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow – straight hair and all!!! LOL. Have a safe trip.

  3. Cute bag! Unfortunately I am never prepared when I go to the Red Shed and always end up paying 10c for a bag!

    Have a great trip south, I’m sure you will have heaps of fun with the girls!

  4. very nice!! Love the heart stitching…you have me all inspired to get out my sewing machine and make bags now..LOL!

  5. what can I say … but have FUN!!!! all of you …

    Hope you get to go to Petticoat Junction … oops, that’s right it is Pukeko Junction … ROFL.

  6. eeeeks at the hairdryer….but oooh ahhhh at the straighteners, looking forward to seeing ya straight hair. See you in a few few hours lol. Oh love that bag and yippeee for vintage sheets and garage sales and good causes.

  7. very cute bag! My machine has bog standard stitches – so envious of yours! 😉

    Enjoy your trip away.. and straight hair..

  8. Oh you lucky thing!! Have a fantastic time – both you and that angelgurl and the other lucky ladies 🙂

  9. Oh – OK – I just left that comment ^ on the wrong post…. that’ll teach me to stay off line for a few days. Lucky you one going to Chch – and for this post….. OMG that bag is to die for!! LOVE love LOVE the heart stitching…. my good old bernina will simply not do those fancy tricks.

    Also…. I see on the previous post you have a book on using a yard of fabric – and it has a doggy cushion. I need to set a date for when you get back so that I can see you, catch up and make notes!

  10. It was so cool to see you over the weekend – too short though!

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