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I {heart} Party Time

So Jessi had a heart themed party this year … a totally easy theme to get carried away with … and kinda convenient given the proximity of Valentines Day and all the pink/red/white heart type things in the shops at the moment.

We had a picnic party at Zealandia … making the most of the membership we were given for Christmas … so all the party bits and pieces had to be portable.

I don’t have a pic of the invites … but they were woven heart pockets made from red card with the heart shaped words slipped inside. I bought some heart sellotape from kikki.K which was really useful for making everything match nicely and also used a Fiskars heart squeeze punch and border punch which kept the theme flowing on all the bits and pieces.

I made little messenger bags for each of the girls to carry with a bottle of water and other ‘party picnic’ treats. I used the trim from a vintage (or at least old) chenille bedspread for the handles of the bags and some red stretch fabric with felt sides on the bags … the advantage of these fabrics, of course, is that they don’t fray … so I didn’t have to fuss with finishing off seams and all that time consuming stuff.

The bedspread was also repurposed into a picnic blanket which I made … along with a green bedspread and some polar fleece for the backing making it nice and cuddly. I put ties on the edge so that it rolls up neatly and can sit in the back of the car for spontaneous picnicking in the future. After seeing Rachel make toadstool thingys for her daughter’s party I had to make some too … only I had to make them smaller and lighter and faster (I was short on time and we needed to carry them to the picnic spot) and I also wanted to use only things I had at home so again the bedspread came in useful for the spots and I just gathered them up underneath which gave them a cool mushroomy look.

So we picnicked (with the ducks) and played pass the parcel and then walked around the sanctuary … spotting tuatara and giant wetas and kaka birds. One of her friends even found a heart shaped stone on the path.

The girls were very happy to take their bags home with a matching notebook, pencil and rubber (smiggle) and a small bag of pink and red lollies. I noticed one of her friends tried to use the bag as a school bag the following day … only trouble was … it only fit her lunch box … so a bit small for that I think!

There were a couple of other ideas I’d found but didn’t need for the party … but I decided to make them anyway. One was the love banner … unfortunately I can’t find the blog where I originally saw the idea cos I want to link it. Found it here.

And the other was the heart shaped cookie carrier which I managed to use with this basket of heart cookies Jessi took to school to share with her class.

So that was that … till next year …


7 Responses

  1. What a lucky girl – looks like a wonderful day had by all.

  2. What a lovely theme for a party. Love all the things you made.

    hugs & Blessings


  3. COme on you need to hire yourself out for parties… you would make a killing!!!!!! i love it!!!

  4. Wow Beverley, you’ve done it again!! You really do throw the most amazing birthday parties, and your kids are going to have incredible memories of each birthday. I totally agree with Mandy, start your own business – it would be so popular!!

  5. Yep me too for the birhtday business idea … wowser, I’m impressed … but I kinda think that I say that every birthday … don’t I ???


  6. Oh it’s all so gorgeous – I just love it – lucky girl!

  7. Wow, what a fabulous party – well done!

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