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Eating my words …

… or never say never.

And not just on one matter … but two!

Never thought I’d do it … never thought I’d be sitting here blogging about it either.

The first matter … I DON”T RUN … never … why run when you can walk.

Uh … I just went for a run and I’m still alive! I have a blister on my toe and my face is bright red and dripping with sweat but I ran. So I guess I should share the events that led to this eating of my words. You see, this is the year of ME … so a few weeks ago … I guess around the 1st of Jan … I decided to up the exercise and walk back like I did in 2008. Well that’s all good, I was doing quite fine but then I read on Tamar’s blog about her running 5k and I thought … that’s nice – she’s insane … and continued my daily walks, turning up my ipod and throwing in an extra hill just cos. I forget exactly where, but I must have come across the same Couch to 5k link that Tamar pointed out 2 or 3 more times on various blogs over the last week or so and then Penny links to the Couch to 5k web site on facebook and Nic also talks about running on her latest blog post.

So I find myself with the Couch to 5k page open and this insane thought that maybe I could do this … I figured at least, that if I could master the little white ipod and work out how to put the podcast thingy on it I’d have to try this running idea.

And besides, it didn’t sound that bad when for the first week you only run for 60 seconds and then walk for 90 and the little voice on the ipod tells you exactly when to ‘run’ and ‘stop running’ and ‘walk’ and ‘run again’ and every so often near the end ‘you can do it’ and ‘see I knew you could do it’ … I used the Christian version … cos the music seemed a whole lot better than the first option. So yeah … I did it … well, day one of week one … and maybe in a couple of days I’ll do it again … (you’re supposed to have a day off in between – it’s in the rules – honest!) … I’m figuring on taking it slow … and learning how to tie my shoe laces properly …  but you never know … maybe I’ll actually learn to enjoy running.

So the other thing I’m eating my words over … would be this …

Yep … that would be a Becky Higgin’s Project Life kit … at my house.

I was the one saying ‘no way’ I’d never manage to take a photo a day, I’d definitely never manage to print them out and put them in an album and write journalling about each one … that’s just crazy. While I admire others that have … it just wasn’t my idea of a good time. When Becky introduced the kit on her blog I was still skeptical … why would you buy a kit that restricted your scrapping to slotting photos into divided page protectors … I like the cutting and gluing and creative mess that comes with real scrapping.

And then the kits arrived at Crafthouse. And I took one home with me. And I pulled all the bits out of the kit … and looking beyond the divided page protectors … it’s kinda cool … actually it’s very cool. It made me smile … the perfectly matching cards in various sizes … the clear dividers for each month … the little folding journalling cards … the date stamp … the perfect new ‘stationery’ type smell (yes, I’m one of those that love wandering office supply shops just to look at stationery items)  … the little arrow stickers … the cool little index card box to store all the bits in … it’s all actually very neat.

And I like it.

So … I take back all that I said about the idea … the Project Life kit is full of awesomeness … and I’m quite happy that there’s one at my place, waiting for ME to put my photos in.

Just how I go about adding photos is yet to be decided … it’s probably safe to assume it won’t be strictly a photo a day … but I can quite likely manage 28 photos a month … and I kinda like the idea of capturing a total year in the life of the Warwicks … after all lets be honest … my current scrapping style, while fun, is very random as to what gets scrapped and what doesn’t.

So … I guess time will tell … and there will no doubt be more blog posts on the subject in the future!


13 Responses

  1. Good for you doing the run, and thankyou for the inspiration, I’m trying desperately to start walking so after reading this I’m definitely going to try harder.

  2. Whoo hoo, go you! Never say never. LOL. I definitely don’t “do” running but might just get back to swimming. As for Project Life, have one winging its way to my place and I thought I would never do it either. LOL

  3. Go you on the running! LOL on Project Life…

  4. Never say never, eh?! I’m the same! I said I would NEVER go running, but I threw in a bit of a run during my walk the other day, and it felt good! I think I will have to check out the iPod podcast as that sounds completely doable! Good on you for doing it 🙂

  5. Heh – Tamar’s blog also inspired me too. I even went and bought a sports bra and an mp3 player and did my first “run” on Tuesday. i biked to work Wednesday and yesterday had a rest day… tonight is my second “run”. Can you link me to the Christian version? Might try that as an alternative too. 🙂

    I need to get some new shoes soon though – I’ve had mine since 2002…

  6. Big hugs of huge support for the running. Sounds such a familiar story – I always hated sweating – then I joined a gym. I didn’t ‘do’ running – then I started, etc. Be warned though – the shoes, the orthotics, the injury, the sore hips … very proud of you!:) and Project Life – it’s suprising how appealing that seems to me too. Looking forward to seeing your results.

  7. Ummmmmmmmmm….. that’s what I’m meant to be doing – the Cto5k thing… a friend did it last year and looks AMAZING for it. I figured it was better than donating to a gym! Have done Day 1 so far… need to create the habit. Maybe we should do something together every so often…??

  8. you know i believe i did 365 either….and i have PL…but dont know what i am using it for either….am sure time will tell….as for the walks – i’ll keep walking past your place and one of these days…we”ll walk together…. as for the running….. might leave that to you

  9. whoops meant to say i DONT believe!!!!! i did 365!!!!

  10. wowser – go you !!! awesome and congratulations – the starting is the hardest …

  11. First of all WOW on the running. Hadn’t heard of the Couch to 5k thing but will go and check it out. And second, LUCKY YOU on the Project Life – I’m still waiting for mine to arrive (turns out postage takes ages to country Australia!) Can’t wait to see the results you come up with 🙂

  12. Go you Beverley!

    I am currently persuing 365 days of photo- taking, journalling and scrapbooking. So far so good. Yesterday I had a shakey moment where I wondered if I could do it…but today I’m on board again!

    WTG on the walking/jogging too!

  13. hey well done on the C25k. I know so many people who are doing that. Keep up the great foot work.Had a wee giggle at the project life, sounds like you are a convert.

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