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About Jessi

Look what Jessi got for Christmas …

Yep … that would be a new front tooth. Not immediately evident on Christmas Day but it’s sure obvious now. She’s had a gap there in front since the baby tooth was knocked out way back when she was three-ish. I was starting to get a little worried that it wouldn’t arrive … she’s already got 6 other adult teeth but still the gap remained. Then … a few days after Christmas there it was. Very happy about that … although the missing tooth was so fitting for her character and we had got quite used to it not being there.

While I’m updating on Jessi … she’s only got one or two spots left evident of her Christmas case of chicken pox … they were rather concentrated on her broken arm … I’m so glad the cast had been taken off, it was bad enough dealing with the ones that came up under the sticking plasters they put on after surgery. She of course managed to pass them on to baby Liam … the only one in our family who hadn’t had them before.

Her arm has healed nicely … according to the x-rays taken last week at her hospital check-up. Although because she can’t straighten her arm fully she’ll go back for a further check-up in 3 months. Ironically her best friend Charlize now has a cast on her arm after falling off her trampoline … I think Jessi’s a little envious cos it’s a little pink one like she wanted. I felt a little bad though … cos I’d taken Charlize with us on the Wednesday to Jessi’s check-up, she’d sat through x-rays and waiting at the bone clinic … and given a little sigh saying ‘I wish I had a broken arm’ … and then 3 days later there she was back in the same place getting her own arm in a cast. Be careful what you wish for …  huh?

Of course our little health issues are nothing compared to some people.  Taking a look at what’s going on in Haiti helps to put our lives in perspective. Rebecca Sower has a very personal perspective on her blog … these are real people, really affected and really creative too … check out these crochet purses…

It seems that people world-wide can’t help but be creative … even when resources are limited … kinda makes me wonder if my overstocked creative corner is maybe a little unnecessary.


7 Responses

  1. glad the tooth arrived and the spots have passed…. as for haiti…yes does bring you back down to earth doesnt it….being thankful daily…and passing on stuff to others if you really dont need it..

  2. Bet your heatpump is working overtime today!

    Woohoo for new teeth and mended arms. Life’s little problems definitely look a lot smaller compared to real hardships.

  3. ‘Toofer’ is looking good. I had actually forgotten all about it until you brought it up … little Miss J will be pleased as punch as well. Love the cheeky wee face too in that pic !!!!

    Another disaster … there just seem to be way too many earthquakes and crazy weather happenings around the world atm … crazy and some!

  4. I think we should and know most of us are, grateful for what we have and very lucky to have been born where we were…but you and your dh have worked hard for what you have so you should enjoy it and the treasure you are leaving for the generations to come. LOL on the being careful what you wish for…poor child!

  5. I’m glad the tooth arrived! Like Jessi, I got my front teeth knocked out at the age of 3, and also had to wait 3 years for the gap to be filled! She will be chuffed 🙂

    The Haiti situation is very close to home for us, one of the little girls we sponsor lives there, and we have no way of really finding out if she and her family are safe. Tear Fund is doing what they can but there are almost 700 Haitian children sponsored by Kiwis, so very hard to locate them all and then let sponsors know. Nicolda, the girl we sponsor, is only 4 days younger than Tyler, and so special to our family. We can only pray that she is safe. We’ve been praying every night for Haiti with the kids, and giving what money we can to the relief fund. It’s times like these I wish I was a nurse or doctor and could go over to help, like some of my US friends are doing. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for what we have – we are very blessed here in NZ. Even if a natural disaster hit us, we are “wealthy” enough as a country to recover, while a poor nation like Haiti will struggle to get over this.

  6. Hey a new tooth is something to smile about. Eeeks at Charlize though. Be very careful what you wish for. It’s hard not to put things into perspective the people in Haiti are going through what they are. My hear ached for the kiwi woman who has lost two of her three children and husband. Trace has a valid point though. I guess its about doing what you can to help in anyway you can.

  7. yeah – Haiti disaster is horrible, especailly on the wake of Samoa.. so glad we have what we have here.

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