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My new Mii

After blogging about my word yesterday I found a fun button at the top of my screen under blog info … it said ‘random post’ … so I had a little random tour of my life via past blog posts … it was an interesting exercise. For instance I discovered that when Rebekah was 8 she had a blood test to help us work out why she was so lacking in energy … I’d forgotten about that. Anyway … it reminded me about why I blog … I do it for ME so I can remember … and it gave me new inspiration to blog about the little things, about life as it is in my corner of the world … so maybe you’ll be hearing from ME a bit more regularly this year.

Today I thought about scrapping … that counts for something right? I pulled out a photo and a bunch of yummy tarisota goodies and stood looking at the prettiness on my desk … then I got distracted and wandered off to do something else. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually cut papers!  One step at a time I say.

Speaking of steps … I even went for a walk today … good ME time … only I found that my favourite path has become rather overgrown and I’m sure the hills have gotten taller and steeper … and somebody has built a great big fence alongside part of it … oh well, at least the view from the top was still breathtaking … or maybe that was the 30 odd steps I just climbed that took my breath away…

Anyway, after doing the walk thing, I decided it was time I made friends with Wii fit. I followed the steps and made myself a Mii (basically a little person that represents ME on the screen) I could pick my height, my width (went conservatively just over average on both of those), my hair style and colour, my eyes and eyebrows, my mouth  … every little detail combining to make my own little alter-ego Mii … and then I had to enter my real height and step on the board for it to find my weight … lets just say, my little alter-ego Mii suddenly got a little shorter and a whole lot rounder! Sheesh … good start to our friendship Wii.

Today was also the first day since returning home from the deep South that we actually saw blue sky and sunshine. I know this because the kids have been begging to try this Christmas present out.

And I told them they had to wait till the sun came out.

I then changed that till after lunch … if the sun is still out.

The sun was still out but it was windy … they froze. I’m starting to wonder if Wellington will ever get to see summer.


11 Responses

  1. Hehehe, reminds me of a family holiday we took when I finished high school, going back to Dunedin and the far south to visit for the first time since moving to Australia. Packed for what we thought would be a coolish summer, forgetting that an NZ summer is colder than our Brisbane winter! We froze for three weeks, and lived in the one or two jumpers we’d bothered to bring!!

  2. ohhh im am only hearing good things about these wii fitness things…. bit of a shock when you get on the scale though… i too must get back onto some exercise…will give you a text re walking once i am settled in..
    as for scrapping…moving the photos around and getting stuff out IS scrapping…just the planning stages

  3. LOL over your Mii!!! Hey its a start – both to the walking and to getting the scrappy stuff out.

  4. Great that you are going to do more things for YOU this year. LOL at your Mii and it’s brutal honesty!! I really want a Wii Fit, I’ve heard so many great things and I know the whole family would enjoy it. Love the photos of your kids trying out their new Christmas present. I hope the sunny weather you had yesterday will continue!!

  5. Cool photos – we must save our dollars and add the Wii fit bit to our Wii me thinks.

  6. I so know what you mean re keeping a blog. I was the same Bev, mine started out as a scrapbooking blog but then extra got added. It is good to go back and see the journey of your families life – it is true we do forget so many of the little things. We had stinking hot weather here a couple of weeks before Christmas, but it has rained everyday since Christmas – so the weather is much kinder and cooler. Mind you I am not complaining because we have been in desperate need of rain here.

  7. Trust the sun to come out today when I’m back at work. Hubby and the Mr’s have the day off in the sun!!!!

    We were meant to get a Wii at one point for christmas, but with Hubby being away, I forgot. Plus I got my camera!! I think we’ll be fixing that sooner rather than later – and then I’ll close my eyes tight when it tells me what my Mii actually looks like!

  8. lol – wii fit is a lot of fun, we need to upgrade to the new and improved (more games!) version.

    LOVE the bits and pieces you pulled – can’t wait to see the finished product!

  9. lol like I said to you, my mii was a roly poly version of me. I would hate to think what it would have looked like before the last five months. Anyway good on you for going for a walk. I have yet to do that one.

  10. yay for water slides! hope you are having some summer days now.

  11. I also enjoy going back and reading my blog posts …. and I use them for journalling too.

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