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Christmas ’09

So this was Christmas

Someone went slightly overboard on presents this year…

Each day … as Christmas got closer and more family members arrived at Mum and Dads … the presents seemed to multiply out from under the tree, spreading in an impressive way over the floor.

The girls got new dolls … with hair this time.

Rebekah also got a new watch … so she won’t be late for road patrol this year, lots of clothes, lots of craft supplies.

Jessi … got a really good dose of Chicken Pox which left us with 3 nights of very little sleep and lovely pox marks in all the Christmas photos. (Just for the record … Phenergan … which made Alexander sleep all night despite the pox … has the opposite effect on Jessi, making her unable to sleep and almost hyperactive.) She also got this pretty dress which thankfully fits perfectly because Santa bought it in Australia and won’t be going back to exchange it!

Alexander is now well stocked up on lego, meccano and all things boy. Santa also got this little helicopter in Aussie and was good enough to get one for the other boy cousins too. Uncle Michael spent much of Christmas afternoon climbing onto the roof to retrieve helicopters.

And for the family … just a wii gift …

And then there was the ‘timer delay’ family photo … in which at least one kid wouldn’t co operate. (Guess who’s family he belongs to!)

And one of all the cousins

They’ve grown a bit since last time.

And that was Christmas 2009.


9 Responses

  1. Looks like a fabulous Christmas!! Love the family photos. We didn’t even attempt a photo of all the cousins this year, there are too many now (10 … 2 babies).
    Jessi’s dress is SO pretty! I hope she is recovering well from her dose of the pox now.
    Oh, and very cool that you got a “wii” present for the family!! I really want one!
    Happy New Year to the Warwicks, from the Blairs! xx

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Love that wee dress, it’s totally gorgeous and Santa knows sizes … Santa did very well. Hope the pox are disappearing!

    That Christmas tree is awesome!

  3. We have “Wii” envy as well – its on the list for this year. The dolls look gorgeous and every little girl should have one. Love Jessi’s dress and as for the pox – the less said the better. LOL. Happy New Year.

  4. have heard that about the drugs!!!! 2 different reactions ….as for all those presents – wowsa…hey guess who is moving over your way!!!! ME!!!

  5. Looks like you had an awesome family Christmas. I know what you mean about the presents, the tree looks good until everyone arrives and then the presents just seem to pile up. Same thing happens here. We have had a great time catching up with our kids too this Christmas. Sorry to hear about Jessi getting the chicken pox – not the best way to spend Christmas holidays. A very Happy New Year Bev to you and your family.

  6. Sounds like a great Christmas Bev – so many kids I know have had or were getting chicken pox over christmas. Happy Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. Best wishes for the new year. Jessi’s dress is gorgeous.

  8. Neat family photos – and your chrissy tree looks sooo professional!
    I’m jelly about the wii – we were meant to be getting that but hubby “forgot”!! LOL

  9. Great photos Beverley – you are going to have fun with the Wii. Our family down visiting at the moment are all sore from golfing and bowling using the Wii lol!

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