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Since we last spoke ….

… many days have passed!

It’s now December … and has been for 9 days, where has the time gone?!

Thank you for your kind wishes about Jessi … she now has new career aspirations

Or maybe just knows how to get sympathy when it’s needed…

She’s getting a little tired of kind, well meaning people asking her how she hurt her arm and now gives a little sigh before launching into the ‘monkey bar’ story. I told her to make up a new story … is that bad?

A broken limb didn’t stop her from hands on exploring at the marine centre last week … she just loved it.

It was totally worth wrapping her cast in plastic so she could really get to know the star fish and squishy things.

Meanwhile the other two kids also had school trips to various exciting places but I had to pull out of parent helping so I could take Jessi to her check-up. It turns out another operation is needed to remove the wires from her arm so that’s booked in for the end of next week. So far she has had no signs of the tummy bug the other two kids had over the weekend and I’m really hoping she doesn’t get the chicken pox Alexander currently has.

Yep … broken arms, tummy bug and now chicken pox … parenting is all fun round here at the moment!

Consequently I’ve had to pull out of a few things over the last couple of weeks … it’s been good for me to think about what’s important/urgent and what I need/want to do … I’ve also had to rely on others to babysit and accept help from others … hmmmm issues?

My Tarisota I want it all box of yumminess remains untouched in my scrap corner buried under remnants of other projects that have had greater urgency.

Such as this one:

A birthday present for my nephew who’s birthday was yesterday … and it’s still sitting on my desk waiting to be wrapped and sent off … not entirely my fault … the kids cookbook I planned on sending with it is missing some pages so now I have to return it and get a new one.

The tag includes instructions on what to add to mix the contents of the jar into monster cookies … got the idea here and have been meaning to try it for ages. Had planned to make some as Christmas gifts but that would be another one of those bright ideas that may not happen this year … given the ‘taking one day at a time’ philosophy I’ve been forced to adopt recently.

I even made a matching card. Papers are Sassafras … and made even easier because they were all packaged in a kit with matching cardstock and other bits … perfect for someone who is tight on time and doesn’t want to waste any trying to fish through her poorly organised and far too big stash of scrapping supplies. Want a kit just like it? I think there are still some here. Just e-mail to ask.

Right … time to hand over pox boy to his daddy so I can do a few hours work.


9 Responses

  1. cool card and pressie! Hope all goes well with the o next week

  2. Wow, it has certainly been a stressful time in your family with injury & illness … sorry to hear that Jessi needs another operation, but praying it all goes well and that her arm is 100% right afterwards. Hope your spotty boy is not suffering too badly! I know so many kids with the pox right now, I guess it is the season for it!
    Beautiful creations, too – it’s great that you have still had time to be crafty 😉

  3. wow it is all go for you…sorry to hear you have had all these sicknesses…i have been laid out for 3+days with a tummy bug too NOT nice…and because of it have missed 4 christmas events…know what you mean about priorities…..doesnt really matter in the scheme of things…

  4. oh yes, the poxy season is upon us… ugh. Wishing for a healthy household for you!

  5. Thats one way of making you slow down at this time of year but sure wouldn’t wish all that sickness on anyone though. Hope everyone comes right and good luck to Jessi.

  6. Crikey – you’ll be glad when the holidays arrive. So we will have to do an Auckland retreat then rather than a Swannanoa one! Yep, I think she should make up a story…a friend of mine has really bad scars on her leg from a serious car accident…she tells everyone she was attacked by a shark – always good for a giggle.

  7. Oh dear lots of bugs and hurts in your family at the mo – hope all comes right soon. Sometimes a bit of enforced slowing down is a good thing though. Your monster cookies look fabulous – yum yum!

  8. wowser, you have been through the wringer and some … you should be wearing the nurses cape and cap … crikey …

    Hopefully the pox, the tummy bugs and everything else is kicked elsewhere, real soon.

    Good luck with little Miss J and her operation and recovery.

  9. Goodness – lots of not well people at your house. Hope they are all recovered now.

    Cute gift – what size bottle did you use?

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