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Things don’t always go to plan.

So … my week started with a couple of days hanging around the hospital.

Jessi fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm … after many hours of waiting, loads of pain meds, x-rays and surgery we are now home and getting used to plaster from shoulder to wrist.

So yeah … my week has turned out a little different than I’d planned.


13 Responses

  1. OH poor Jessi !! What an unlucky break! Did she land on her arm or put her arm down to take the fall?
    Not good with summer approaching either..you can tell Ive been there?!!!!

  2. Oh dear, poor Jessi. She will be pleased when she gets the coloured cast on though – funny how kids really love those.

  3. oh no…..hope it (your week and hers) gets better soon

  4. This was Finn a year ago this month. Poor Jessi, hope it isn’t causing her too much pain. Will be a bit better when her arm settles down and she gets the lighter cast on. But it is amzing how quickly they adapt to having their arm permanently bent. Am guessing she won’t get it off til after Christmas now?

  5. Not a good way to finish the year … poor wee mite … hang in there Mum [doctor, nurse] …

  6. Awww poor wee thing, her hand looks sore. Hope it’s not didstressing her to much. What a thing to have to go through.

  7. oh no…it looks very painful!

  8. Awww, poor Jessi! It looks sore 😦
    I hope she is feeling better now and proudly showing off her cast with the pain and hospital part forgotten.

  9. Oh No Bev – your poor cherub – not a good time of the year for it to happen either. Will be praying it heals quickly and that she is not in too much pain. Chloe has her foot out of plaster but it is not healed properly yet either. Praying that we don’t have to start from scratch with her too.

  10. We missed you on Tuesday! So sorry about Jessie though – these things happen… usually at the most inconvenient moments. 😉 I hope she is no longer in pain.

    I hope we can meet IRL some time 🙂

  11. Bugger! Hope all is better soon!

  12. Oh no!!! Poor wee thing! Bet it is horribly warm inside it today! There’s a spate of broken arms at the moment – 2 girls at our school this week too.

    Hope she feels better with it soon and that the plan gets back on track asap 🙂

  13. Oh not such a good thing to happen. Hope she (and you) recover quickly

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