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Time Passes By …

… sometimes just waaay too fast.

Do you ever have that problem? I’m thinking particularly the time between 9 and 3 … and then there’s the time somewhere round midnight and 7(ish) am …

Or we could think about those big chunks of time like Christmas is only 13 weeks away (or so I was told) and I’m not sure what happened to August and September.

And to go even bigger … what happened to the last few years? My kids were babies … I’m sure it was only yesterday. I blinked and they grew up.

Stop the world, I wanna get off … or atleast go in slow motion for a while! Just lately it seems that we’ve been rushing from one thing to the next … I feel like I’m missing the whole watching the grass grow, or at least watching the kids grow, thing.

I guess all that was on my mind when I created this layout.


Cosmo Cricket papers, a vintage book page and Stampin’ Up Stamps. This was my ‘wardrobe’ entry for the SBO Gok Inspired Comp … had to use stitching.


This one had to use fabric. I’ve used a 12×12 piece of canvas fabric as the base … and painted one side to match the Sassa paper. The journalling tag is also canvas which I painted with ribbon stiff … once dry I was able to write on it easily with my normal journalling pen. Notice I’ve rediscovered my stash of Queen and Co felt stuff.


And the 3rd one for this week needed to use pearl bling … which could, just maybe, be my favourite kind of bling right now … it goes so well with the pretty/vintage look. And yes … I have been saving the prima pearls for a while now … waiting for ‘just the right’ kind of layout … I guess I’ll just have to buy some more, ‘cos I think there are a few more ‘right’ kind of layouts just waiting for me to create.


Last week I was obviously busier … or maybe just not quite so determined … because I only managed to complete one of the 3 challenges.


Was playing with some paper clay stuff which I pressed into a mold to make the little bird. The tree is laser cut wood – I’ve lightly inked it with pinecone ink and sprayed it with a little bit of gold glimmermist but it pretty much looked that cool when I got it and all I had to do was stick it on my page. Got it from here … if you want one, just ask … ‘cos they’re so special they aren’t actually in the shop.


Notice I’m on about that growing too fast thing again in this layout!

I think I’m just ready for the holidays … time to take it easy in the mornings, time to hang with my kids … and maybe take a few photos … time to just chill and watch the grass grow some.

Not so excited about the whole daylight savings thing … but then, that’s a whole ‘nuther blog post.

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13 Responses

  1. Totally agree with you about time just flying. More so this year than any other I can remember. Very cool layouts – love that tree.

  2. I have to agree with you about time too. Just really wondering where this year has gone in particular. I love catching up and seeing all your beautiful work Bev – you really are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Oh yes, I completely agree about time going too quickly. Especially at this time of year, for some reason!

    GORGEOUS layouts, I love them all! The bird is very cute, you are so clever to make that. And I love how you’ve used your “saved-for-special” Prima pearls 🙂

  4. I am soooo very with you on the time going by so fast – this year just can’t be almost over!! I’m thinking I can see what you’ve been doing between 9-3 these days though! Gorgeous layouts.

  5. Fabulous layouts! I love that tree! and yes, I feel especially this year has just disappeared in the blink of an eye! I also can’t help wonder how my babies got sooo big??

  6. these are just WOW layouts! Can’t say more!

    I’m with you on the time thing.

  7. oh yeah daylight savings…. as time going fast…. that’s what i think about the holidays…. over far too fast!!!

    love those layouts….fab

  8. Enjoy your holidays my friend, may time feel a little slower for you and may the sun shine so that the grass can be watched growing…

  9. beautiful layouts, looks like your mojo is in full flight there. Love what you did with the tree. Love that flower in “she is beautiful”. Yes 13 weeks to xmas and coutning…..

  10. Yep, Christmas is just around the corner … enjoy the school holidays, cos you are only just going to blink and the term will be finished.

    Loving your creativity … so very inspirational!

  11. Oh you do those l/os so well!

  12. What a beautiful site, Beverley! I want to say thanks for stopping by my blog recently. It’s nice to ‘meet’ you! I hope to pop in here more often as well. Great scrapbook pages! Mine look nothing like this! 🙂

  13. Lol I had to laugh with everyone complaining that time is moving too quickly – I’m the opposite as time is moving wAAAAY too slow – I hate where I’m living and are looking forward to moving on 15th November! Seems like a long way away.

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