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Nana Lessons 101

So maybe I passed 101 with the nana naps … I’m good at those … but check out what I can do now!


Yep … I can do the crochet thing! Thanks to Sarah and her patient tutoring (and her warm house and comfy chairs). So I may need a bit more practise but I totally ‘get’ it now … Nana would be proud.

Don’t think I have any other creative stuff to share this week … it feels like I’m working on a million little projects but nothing’s finished or worth taking a pic of yet.

We are struggling through the last week of term … kids are tired, it’s cold outside and we are all sick of the morning routine. Looking forward to having a few days of sleep in’s and not having to pack lunch boxes. Bring on the holidays!

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13 Responses

  1. Awesome little flowers, go you! I can’t crochet but my sister does, she can’t do the wee flowers though.. is there a pattern i can show her? I would love her to make me some of these wee cuties!

  2. Just beautiful!! I’ve seen similar ones in craft shops, but it would be very satisfying indeed to be able to make them yourself.

    I totally agree – bring on the holidays!!! Yay, only one more day! I’m VERY glad that school terms are only 10 weeks (especially in winter). Any longer and I think we’d go nuts!

  3. Oh yes please, is it a pattern you can share? I have recently bought 13 balls of No8 crochet cotton to crochet into flowers, here is the pattern I use (for teeny flowers)…



  4. Those flowers are gorgeous!
    I’m sick of this week too! Have had children home sick 3 out of last 4 days – I had vomit bugs!!! But at least I am still managing to get a little bit of work done still, so week not a total loss.

  5. oh, the lunch box packing gets old real fast… ick ick. The kids are so tired by now, it will be good to see them perk up over the break.

  6. sweet crochet work Beverley 🙂

  7. Only one day to go my friend! Have a great school holiday break with the kids – and I love your flowers – clever ole you!

  8. enjoy the next couple of weeks – lazy days – but keep warm.

    Love, love, love those wee flowers … clever is right! go you!!

  9. they turned our cute. Just think one mroe day and then you get two weeks of no routines and lots of fun stuff for the holidays.

  10. So cute Beverley – think they would look awesome on a scrapbooking page also. Yah for the holidays. I know how you feel, I have so enjoyed my week off – the only problem being my holidays are going way too fast. Hope that you have a great break.

  11. Wow those are cool flowers Beverley … great stuff … yep I’m pretty happy to have started the hols a bit early today … it is always tough to keep going towards the end …

  12. Ohhh Bev they are adorable!!

    You’ve inspired me to take some Nana 101 lessons. However I may not pass the course as I just can’t get the nap thing going on. 😉 My Grandma was great at crochet, I think I need to take up her mantle.

  13. Oh my goodness, those little crochet flowers bring back memories … I spent hours crocheting with Grandma when I was little.

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