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It’s quiet round here

… so what’s been keeping me quiet?

Well … besides an icky little cold … I’ve been working on this:


The single most biggest paid scrapbooking project I have ever worked on. My cousins wedding album.


Such a huge job … which I probably underestimated just a tiny bit when I first agreed to work on it last year.


From getting the photos printed in different sizes, organising them into some sort of order, picking out papers and other bits and finding an album to work with … to actually scrapping the photos … I guess you could say a fair bit of time was taken on this project!


I am now really, really hoping that Karen and Malcolm will like it … when I figure out how to get it to them in Aussie.

What else has been happening?

Rebekah and Alexander are performing in J Rock tonight, which is the primary school version of Stage Challenge. I’m officially over practices and notices and all. Hopefully they’ve had a good day today … they had to be at the venue at 8.30 this morning for dress rehearsals and other activities. The concert is at 6.30 tonight … so it’s a big day for them.

I’ve been spending a bit of time at Kiwiscraps lately, designing and packing project kits. The down side to being there so much is that it’s really hard to not notice yummy stuff arriving in at the shop … and some stuff simply must come home with me!  Like this … and this … ahhh Fancy Pants! The on a whimsy journal pad is especially cool … will be used on a layout or two in the near future no doubt!

Don’t think I’ve shown you these yet either:


I decided that it would be a good idea to teach the Rally kids how to finger knit … and then of course I needed to find a use for a long string of finger knitting, so I made brooches. We’ve also been making sherbet and marbling paper … it’s been a busy term. Next Rally night is our annual movie night where we transform the church lounge into a movie theatre and break out the pop-corn, jaffas and fizzy drink. The kids bring their friends and families and just generally have lots of fun.

Right … Jessi and I going to grab a bite to eat before the concert so I’d better go convince her to put some warmer clothes on.

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11 Responses

  1. the finger knits are cool!

  2. The wedding album looks super Beverley … well done for taking it on, I haven’t even done mine yet!! Know how you feel about all the music stuff, we are onto the 3rd event in 2weeks … ahhh the stress … good luck for tonight.

  3. very cool album…. you have been busy…. ps I am still to show all your goodies on my blog…. promise it is coming….

  4. Bet your cousin LOVES the album – it looks very elegant from the peeks we’ve been given. Finger knitting broches are way cool – and I need to go catch up on those cupcake blogs of yours. I avoided thinking just looking at them would make me want some!! LOL

  5. WOW the album looks stunning Beverley. LOL on working in the shop…and buying new supplies. The brooches are a fab idea – gosh I remember how much I loved finger knitting as a child.

  6. Beverley I am sure your cousin will LOVE her album. I admire you for taking it on. I am still wondering how to do my daughters album – so that it is timeless. Love your fingerknitting brooches too. They look gorgeous.

  7. Well done for completing the album. Your cousin and her husband will love it. Its looking stunning!! So how was the concert? A big day/night for the kids. Hope the kids are having a relaxing weekend after all the hardwork and practices they put in. So were you able to convince Miss J about winter clothing lol.

  8. The album looks beautiful! I can only imagine what a huge job it must have been, but I know your cousin will love it.

    Hope the concert went well! The kids must have been really excited!

  9. The album looks beautiful – but a LOT of work – hope it is appreciated

    And fancy coming up with something really cool to do with finger knitting – the brooches are great

  10. Your cousin’s wedding album – a real labout of love … congratulations on finishing it.

    Your wee finger knitted brooches … go you!!! Multi talented!!!

  11. Oh my – I don’t envy you the wedding album job.. but I’m sure you’re going to do a brilliant job.

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