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Insane, obsessed, addicted …

… or is this normal?


Just how many cupcake papers should one have in the cupboard?

Speaking of cupcakes … I’ve been playing lately …



There’s an all day crop at Craft house this weekend with a bit of a cupcake theme … that’s gotta be good right?

In other news …


Jessi is now toothless in the front … has a nice little lisp going on.

The kids are taking it in turns to get the tummy bug so I’ve had not much sleep for the last couple of nights, Mt Washmore seems rather insurmountable and I’ve been stuck at home for two days … fun!

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9 Responses

  1. wow that is a lot of cupcake stuff… but your the queen of cupcakes so your allowed!!!
    as for the craft house thing…. saw the pictures and thought ..mmmm they look like Beverly’s design…..

    oh yeah I had that tummy bug too…. NOT nice… hope it all finished and YOU dont get it!!!

  2. “Just how many cupcake papers should one have in the cupboard?”
    Well that depends on how many cupcakes one is planning on making! I guess if you make them quite often (and I think you do!) you need to have lots of papers on hand!! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the tummy bugs. I hope everyone in the household is well again soon.

  3. One can never have enough cupcake papers … although, I do prefer them with something in them, shortly followed by into my mouth … lol

  4. well if your not normal then either am I as i have just as many if not more cupcake papers and bits, i now have a special box just for it!! hehe i really love those blue ones with white spots!

    Love the little bag you made! Looks lovely 🙂

    Hope the sickness leaves you household asap! it sure gets you down when everyone gets ill…

  5. It would appear that one can not have too many cupcake papers!!! LOL. Love Jessi’s photo – we only had 1 kid who lost them like that. Hope all are feeling better soon.

  6. I have cupcake paper envy.

  7. Insane…I’d definitely go with the insane ROFLMAO!

  8. I’d say you had a bit of an obsession Beverley but I have appreciated the eye candy. I found this blog site and thought you might enjoy it if you haven’t seen it yet, It will help feel your obsession. Nice to catch up with you again.


  9. Ahyes – I too have a stash of cupcake cases – so pretty. Mr 9 likes to make them for his grandparents – I think he likes cupcakes more than they do!

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