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Boots … and Paper Pesto

I caught Jessi returning the kitchen cloth to the bench this morning …

I calmly ask … “What were you doing with that Jess?”

… all the while imagining that she’d spilt milk  or juice or something worse on the coffee table in the lounge …

“Oh … just cleaning my boots” she says.

I am glad it wasn’t a spillage … but …. my kitchen cloth was just used for cleaning footwear and then put back on the bench … ewwww!

The boots she was cleaning …


This girl likes to accessorize!


That is how she dresses for school … you should see her dressed for church!

But the funny thing … when I told her to put her boots on before we left this morning she says “Oh no … I’m not wearing boots today Mummy … I’ll just wear my sneakers.”

Apparently once you’ve gone to all the effort of polishing your boots you wouldn’t want to risk scuffing them up by wearing them!

Ooooooh …. and it’s the 1st of May …. have you seen this:


That would be the new kit for Paper Pesto ….. and it’s coming to my house this month … yippppeeee!

Have a fab weekend …



7 Responses

  1. Wow! now those are some boots! Uh-oh though….are you dreading the shopping trips when she gets a bit older though? Might pay to get her into design so she can just make her own cool stuff!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the kit!

  2. LOL at the getting dressed more for church – I think she looks a lot better going to school than I do on any given day!!! BTW, LOVE her boots!! Do they come in ladies sizes??

    I really didn’t need to see what a cool looking kit Pesto have again….. I have resisted temptation so far but it gets harder and harder every month!!

  3. Now that girls got style!!! LOL. What cool boots.


    Wow wee … gorgeous!!!
    So too is that kit. Have fun playing – oops … being creative!!!

  5. Now that kit looks cool! Just love Jessi’s style – but yeah, the dishcloth??? LOL!

  6. what can I say? The girl has taste 🙂

  7. They are some boots – love the pretty pink, and that photo of her is so cute – such a girly shot. got to scrap that one Bev.

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