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It’s been a while…

So long in fact, that I feel like I’ve almost forgotten how to blog … I guess it’s like riding a bike, once you learn ….

Speaking of bike riding … check this out …


We had two kids finally figure out the bike riding thing today. Lots of celebrating in our family tonight.


This may not seem like a big thing for those of you with naturally athletic kids. Alexander could have done this two years ago (when we bought the bike which is now ridiculously small for him) but this child does not like taking risks, he just wasn’t interesting in learning, the whole try again thing just didn’t work well for him. So it’s been a looooong process … not helped by the fact that we live on a hill and have no suitable bike riding areas around our house … in order to ride bikes we have to load them into the car and drive somewhere … so opportunities for learning have been rather sporadic.

One of our holiday goals while staying at Mum and Dad’s these last two weeks was to get Alexander riding. He spent a good amount of time outside with Uncle Michael practising … and a good amount of time crashing onto the grass collecting bruises.

This afternoon we went out to the special bike riding place in the Hutt. He started off by rolling down a small slope and then putting his feet down before falling off. We then progressed to riding a little way while veering to the left before wobbling and falling off. Somehow he kept on trying till he was able to ride a good distance and then he kept working on it till he could steer and even take off by himself. All in one afternoon.

Of course not to be outdone … someone else had to give it a go too.


This one has no fear … she was spurred on by the promise of holiday spending money which we’d bribed Alexander with, combined with a train ride …


A totally different experience … she rides fast and those white posts … just minor inconveniences that occasionally got in her way!  She hasn’t quite got the whole steering thing sussed and still needs a bit of a hand getting started but I’m sure her determination will sort that out tomorrow.

So yeah, we’re back from holidaying in the South. Scrap camp was awesome, meeting imaginary frineds was fab, spending time with Mum and Dad was nice and the shopping was pretty good too.

Look what they do for scrap stores down south …


Brilliant idea where the dh can browse the ‘man’ stuff while the wife can shop unhurried at the other end of the store … and the best part … when the credit card statement comes … you can blame him for buying tools again!

Will have to save the rest of my holiday pics for another day, it’s bed time.



13 Responses

  1. Hi Beverley, It sounds like your Alexander is just like my LIAM. Bike riding just doesn’t seem to be his thing … no matter how much we encourage! Thanks for sharing as its nice to know we aren’t the only one’s out there who are experiencing this. Right now we are just encouraging him in other areas like scooting… he is pretty good at that and I’m sure like Alexander he will get there in his own time. Love the second child comparison.. I’m sure it must be pretty hair raising at times… having to watch!

  2. That bike park is great! You get some hoons (future boys racers?!) but in general it’s very cool – we head down there quite a bit because of that same issue with hills. Another option for us is to use the school grounds which is closer for us – maybe you guys could go to your school too? Good stuff to Alexander and Jessie for getting the confidence up and going for it.

  3. Good for them – now thats a great holiday accomplishment.

  4. Good on them both for trying and mustering up the confidence. Alexander & Jessi sound very much like Ethan & Tyler, respectively! Ethan has only recently (in the last few weeks) taken his training wheels off. He’s nearly 7, and has had a bike since his 5th birthday but didn’t have the confidence until now. Of course once he took his training wheels off, Tyler had to take his off too (and he’s only 4). Now they are both riding without them, but there was a time when I thought Ethan would never really want to try, or have much interest in bike riding.

    That hardware/scrapbooking store is GENIUS! What a brilliant idea, I bet it keeps a lot of couples happy!

  5. Great to see the photos of your kids riding their bikes, what a great skill to have learnt over the holidays. 🙂 So many fun times to come I’m sure! Must look out for that shop next time I’m down south 🙂

  6. Now the person who opened that shop is a genius!

  7. Well done Alexander and MIss Jessi ( she has no fear that young girl of yours). How exciting, Thats awesome progress for the both of them. Lol so you went to the infamous Kelvin House in Gore lol. So did mummy buy anything?

  8. Now that shop would be right up my DH’s alley! Go those kids of yours – great to see them both up and at ’em with the bike riding!

  9. Welcome home!!!

    So those white posts were just minor inconveniences … woo hoo – go little Miss J … so I’m thinking that there would be a few motorists that would be pleased that a certain little lady was confined to a bike park – lol.

  10. awesome news and cool you got photos too

  11. So good to see an update from you Beverley have missed you. Great news about the kids and their riding. Such a huge achievement and it makes you feel proud to see that their persistance has finally paid off. Like that kind of scrapbooking shop too. There is a shop in Gladstone, that has the hardware shop across the road. That one has worked well for us in the past too.

  12. Love that scrap store idea. Go the bike riders.


  13. yes but who has to watch the kids in that shop?

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