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Creative Shares

More work for Paper Pesto … this time layouts.



Rebekah getting glasses is just one of many things that I never did get around to blogging about … she only needs them for reading but the optomitrist also picked up that she may be colour-blind. I’m not so sure about that because he did the test before giving her glasses to wear, so she may  have just had blurry issues … but then, it could explain her sometimes ‘interesting’ colour choices in clothing and artwork. The day we got her eyes tested was also the day we went to a friends funeral which was also around the time of Jessi’s party and starting school … so the glasses thing just kind of slotted in amongst our busy lives and now it just seems like she’s always had them. Apart from last night, when I found her trying to read in bed with the light off, I haven’t had to remind her to use them and she brings them to and from school with no problems.

I’ve also had a few things on the Fiskars blog recently. It’s card a day month over there … which was a good thing for me with lots of family birthdays this month and a couple of good friends too.

This was my brother’s card.


I couldn’t think of what to get him so I settled on a gift voucher.


I also made him a guitar cake … modeled on a real one he wants.


Grace’s card looked like this:



And I found this very cute wooden cake stand and food as her present.


I made the little fabric box which can be unbuttoned and used flat as a tablecloth.


And if I hadn’t been busy making the guitar cake … I would have made Grace some felt cupcakes to match.

Only 8 sleeps till I make my way down south for scrap camp. I just realised yesterday that I haven’t mentioned the up and coming camp on my blog … which might imply that I’m not going anymore, or I’m not excited about it … which is just not true! I’m totally excited … first about a weekend catching up with friends … both real and imaginary … scrapping and having fun, and then I get to stay down there for a holiday with the family … lots of fun!



12 Responses

  1. love the cards and the present idea is cool too…. as for scrap camp have a blast… with both your real and imaginary friends….

  2. Cant wait to met you Beverly

  3. oooops and I should have said Great layouts.

  4. The layouts are amazing! For some reason I looked at that one of Rebekah and just assumed she had always had glasses (ie. that she had them when I met her). But I read that it was only recently. She certainly does look “natural” wearing them.

    Yay for scrap camp! I hope you have a blast!

  5. wow thats a lot of shares, all lovely too. love the cake.

  6. you are a talented woman. The box aka tablecloth rocks, great idea and the set looks stunning. Like ya layouts and I must admit Rebekah looks like she has had the glasses for ages. She looks natural in them.
    I am still impressed with that cake….

  7. Love that she thought reading with the light off would be a good idea – glasses won’t help with that LOL. You have just the best weekend and watch out for those imaginary friends, they might turn out to be real LOL!

  8. Yep siree … you are going to find out that those imaginary friends are real alright!!!

    Not long now!

  9. LOL – that’s why I asked on your last post coz I wasn’t sure if you were still coming!
    That’s a great cake – bet it tasted yummy too!

  10. I’m sure you will have the best time at camp meeting all those friends – both real and imaginary. Love that photo for Jessi’s birthday.

  11. She looks cute in her glasses Beveley – my DH is colourblind – interesting that they think she is colourblind. I thought the female was only the carrier and that it is really rare for a female to be colourblind. The little stand and food look awesome. Where on earth do you find stuff like that. Have agreat time away at scrap camp too.

  12. Lovely!

    Say – those wooden toys are great. Where did you find them? I have some wooden “healthy” food but some treats would be cool too. The kids play all kinds of things with them Love the table cloth idea.

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