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The Party.

I would have loved to have the perfect princess tea party in our backyard, with perfect blue skies and green grass, but Wellington weather has a habit of not behaving when you need it to and even if it was fine it was likely to be too windy so we relocated Warwick Castle to our Church building. We had the back hall set up as it usually is for playgroup with toys everywhere and then we transformed the other room into a princess castle with lots of pink everywhere.


Michael painted the backdrop on a large piece of pink fabric and printed out heaps of castle type stuff to hang everywhere.


He made this really cool picture of princess Jessi … must take a better photo of it before it gets put away. There was helium balloons, tulle bows on the chairs, pink glitter and a very cool throne type chair which we borrowed for the occasion. The girls all came dressed like princesses, Nana and Mr Harding had awesome King and Queen costumes. Michael hired a fancy jacket and I quickly made myself a frilly white apron to be the maid … couldn’t stand the thought of wearing a heavy, full, layered princess dress which I tried on at the hire place.

I made a castle cake which took until the early hours of Sunday morning. Did lots of ‘google’ research first and used sponge rolls for the towers and the pointy bits are made with cones of baking paper dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles.



The windows and drawbridge are chocolate finger biscuits.


I cut the princess word and Cinderella from one of those edible icing images and added chocolate letters for her name … it bothered her a little the letters weren’t quite right (capitals not lowercase)


It was also quite disastrous that we placed the cake down the wrong way in front of her (thinking it would be better for photos of course) we started singing and she yelled out ‘STOP’!


A quick turning of the cake and she was back to all smiles again … whew!


I invented ‘edible’ glimmermist to get the pink colour on the cake … a mix of food colouring and edible gold glitter in a spray bottle. (I’m sure someone has already invented it but I thought I was clever making my own!)


I quite like how the vines and flowers turned out … just seemed to finish it off nicely.

There wasn’t much room on the tables for the food so we moved round the table and served the girls … which helped them feel more like princesses.


A crystal bowl of lollies served with a ladle.


Pink princess tea in little china tea cups.


Served from a teapot with a cupcake cosy … thanks Mum … it would have taken me ages to knit myself!


Heart shaped pink lamingtons. Which I’d made a few days before and put in the freezer.


My sister in law made these cool sprinkle sandwiches …


… and these crown cookies.


And then there were cupcakes of course. I left the decorating of these till after the cake … so I was short on time and icing. It was good that I had these princess cupcake toppers which made decorating quick and easy.


I added a raspberry filling too … which was rather yum. I just piped this into the cupcake before putting the icing on top.


We had a real princess visit … Emma from Church … but the girls thought she was real.


We took a picture of each girl with Emma … these were printed out and put in embossed envelopes in their bags to take home.


She read the story of beauty and the beast … with magic pictures … I was really surprised at how well they sat and listened … and when she finished, they wanted to stay there and look at all the pictures again.

She also gave each girl a bottle of bubbles and told them about the ‘magic’ of bubble kisses.


They had lots of fun blowing princess bubbles.


I made these little drawstring bags for each of them and gave them out at the end.


Inside was their bubbles, their china teacup, a small tulle pouch of lollies, their princess photo and a slice of cake. Wish I’d remembered to take a pic of all of these together. And I just realised that I don’t have a good photo of her dress either … she ended up wearing a top underneath it because it was ‘scratchy’ apparently. I’m hoping my friend Gary will have some much better photos which he took with his much better camera … just gotta wait till he gives them to me.



26 Responses

  1. Oh yeah – thanks HEAPS Bev.!!! I just opened your blog with Grace standing beside me. I have now picked her jaw up of the floor and sent her off before she gets any crazy ideas about her next birthday. That is seriously awesome. I wish you were my mummy LOL

  2. Wow what an amazing birthday party she is one lucky little princess being in your family
    I keep going back and looking at the pictures everything is just so perfect

  3. Ah Bev what an amazing party – I am sure your daughter will never ever forget this wonderful day. The food, everything is just totally totally amazing and I am with Ro, wish you were my mummy too. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos with us.

  4. Just awesome Beverley – what an amazing party.

  5. What an awesome party, lucky little girl, wish I was a princess he he.
    Serioulsy that is totally amazing!

  6. OMG what a party. Seriously impressed here. You come up with such fabulous ideas. Wow.

  7. Oh WOW, you have outdone yourself again. You are such a clever lady. And I for one will always remember you as the inventer of the edible glimmer mist!

  8. WOW!!!!! What a party!! You really went all out on this one, and it looks like it was a big hit! Very impressed.

  9. WOW!!!!! What a party!! You really went all out on this one, and it looks like it was a big hit! Very impressed.

  10. Oh wow! You sure did everything possibly princessy! šŸ™‚ I am so impressed! Talk about Uber-Mum šŸ˜‰
    Beautiful cake and glimmer mist effects – love the rose climbing up the walls.
    What a great job…

    Can you be my mum now?

  11. OMG what a cool party! Am sure my invite must have got lost in the post – LOL! Well that is one party I am sure Jessi will not forget in a hurry! You did such an amazing job Beverley!

  12. OMG what an amazing amount of time and energy you guys put into her party! Wow, she’s a lucky little princess lol

  13. That was such an amazing party !!I had to gigle about the cake being round the other way and Jessi telling you to stop. I love all the small details and I tell you, you have have a calling as a party organizer ( I know its different when its not your own children) but you do such an awesome job Beverley. The kids will be talking about the party for years to come.Michael looks great in his regal jacket and what a cute apron and teas cosy.

  14. Wow that is one FAB party, could almost be princess party of the year! lol What a beautiful little princess you have, loved the wee dress. You went to so much effort, what great memories Jessi will have!!

  15. …Wait. You ARE doing my party in May aren’t you?? I quite fancy a princess theme…. šŸ˜›

    It looks totally fabulous you clever girl. Bet all the girls loved it – and that photo of Jessi telling you to stop until the cake was sorted is great LOL

  16. Ok you need to patent that and set up a business… I mean WOW…. the suburb i recently worked in would BUY these as packages!!!!

  17. Bev – the party pics are AMAZING!!! Do you travel??? hmmm

  18. Ooh-la-la — Queen Beverley … well done … I’m sure Princess Jessi and all her wee princesses in waiting had a blast … awesome!!!

    Definitely not a birthday she will forget …

  19. A-MAY-ZING!!!!
    How can any mother top that???
    Fab pics too!

  20. Wow what a fabulous party!! and one very lucky 5 year old princess!! You are amazing!! and it sure does look like fun!! love the teacups and the little drawstring bags you made too!

  21. Hi there Beverley,
    You are the best party planner I know!

    Pop by my blog and check this out…

    you have been sent an award

  22. Totally Awesome! Phew I bet you were exhausted at the end of all that! šŸ™‚ Everything looked just gorgeous and looks like the little princess had a marvelous time šŸ™‚ Love the pic of her staying ‘stop’ hehee Cool idea with the tea cups too – very cute.

  23. what a fabulous party! beautiful.

  24. OMG what an amazing party – I agree with mandy can you do my birthday party in oct pretty please with cherries on top.

  25. Wow, Beverley, that looks like some party!! The cake looks amazing.

  26. What a beautiful, gorgeous party. I love the tea cosy that your Mum made.

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