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The invites are out …

… and the planning has begun.


It’s a Princess Tea Party for Miss Jessi. I made Cinderella invites using a cuttlebug embossing folder which I found on clearance earlier this month. I was so tempted to go buy some pretty paper and pink cardstock but I decided this was a good opportunity to use my stash. I made the blue for the dresses by painting the card with glimmermist… and incidentally found that the card embossed better if it was still damp from the glimmermist. Rebekah helped by doing all the embossing (3 Cinderella’s per invite) and colouring Cinderella’s hair and skin.


Today I spent the day playing with pretty fabric. Yummy fabric that was on clearance for $2 and $3 dollars a metre … love a good bargain!


There is now a Jessi sized Cinderella dress hanging from the door, with matching gloves and headband.


Yep … it’s shaping up to be an over the top party … but this is my last kid turning five … and princess stuff is so fun.

So … what else has been happening?

Still keeping an eye on CHA releases … love this:


See more shapes at Fancy Pants. Maybe it’s the mixed media that has captured my imagination. Not sure that I will ever actually get to see some of this stuff in real life, let alone bring it home to my house but I enjoy looking.

A few of you mentioned in my last post that winning lotto would be nice … it’s funny you bring that up … did you see me on t.v a couple of weeks ago? At the live lotto draw? Apparently if you didn’t blink you could’ve seen me sitting in the audience watching my friend spin the wheel thingy. Jessi’s little friend Charlize’s family won lots of money … enough to buy 1/3 of a Newlands house … awesome for them! And also very interesting watching how a lotto draw is done, very serious, lots of practising, those balls are handled with cotton gloves and kept under lock and key… serious business … and of course there was a big old nasty sign on the studio door saying no cameras … so no pic’s sorry!

We’ve been enjoying the last few days of holidays. Been to Te Papa to see the giant squid thingy … hmmm pickled squid … I didn’t find it as exciting as browsing the gift shop … but the kids thought it was cool. Tried to include a few active things to the entertainment list … so dusted off the rollerblades … I guess that was entertaining to the innocent bystanders on the wharf! No … seriously … it was fun, Rebekah has now got confident enough to keep up with me if I don’t go too fast and even Jessi did pretty well.

We ended up at the beach on Sunday, unfortunately we weren’t dressed for the beach, and were unprepared with our lack of swimming gear but I got some fantastic photos and just loved the fact that all the kids happened to be wearing matching clothes … no odd clashing colours on Jessi. Usually for that to happen I have to carefully orchistrate the washing of appropriate clothes … ie. not do the washing for ages so that the only thing left is the matching things I want them to wear.


It was so nice at this spot that I made sure we returned the following day wearing togs and ended up having a beautiful relaxing afternoon splashing in the water and building sandcastles.


Jessi is now back at kindy … she gets almost two weeks in before starting school. And I even felt a little sad as I emptied her bag of kindy treasures yesterday … a bit of wood with a nail hammered in the top, a few sparkly bits of wrapping paper, an old bottle top and some triangles of fabric from the collage corner … true signs of her kindy experience. Must take a photo … that would make a good layout!

So, January is almost over, kids are almost back at school and I almost feel the urge to scrap something!



15 Responses

  1. I SO want to come to that party 🙂

  2. Those invites are fab Beverley! Love the photos – and great to hear that you got to spend the next day down at the beach relaxing.

  3. LOVE those layouts…. very clever mummy… as for the lotto story- I have heard it is all very serious…. so it should I suppose!!! enjoy those last kindergarten days and keep a tissue or two in your pocket JUST in case

  4. Gosh that year went fast seems like only yesterday you were doing the 4th birthday. Very cool invites.

  5. wow the invites are so fancy! You’re such a good mum.

  6. Gorgeous invitations! Love the lace on them. Makes me wish I had a girl!

  7. Well done on the invites … they look great. Love the pic of the three kids in the surf … and did you feel jealous watching your friends spin the wheel, rather than you? … just a wee bit? … awesome for them though…

  8. Love the party invites and I am sure the princess dress will be a huge hit! Enjoy the last two weeks of kindy! Lovely pics at the beach too! I really like the fact they aren’t in their togs, not so practical but makes great pics for a layout!

  9. G O R G E O U S invitations and I so look forward to seeing the full dress on one little birthday Princess.

    Fabbo pics of the kids legs in the water. Definitely scrappable!!!

    Hope you find time to scrap sooner, rather than later.

  10. Gorgeous invites Bev! You are such a creative genius with the dress too! WTG!

  11. What a lovely posting Bev. Clever you, beautiful invites and I bet the dress is amazing too! Love the beach pics, esp the little black tulle frills being flicked up by cute little legs on tippy toes!!!

    Still determined to scrap lift your lovely blue cards you made your dad!
    Lots of love x

  12. Those invites look fantastic – can’t wait for the big reveal of your big 5 year old princess in her new dress!

  13. I am IN LOVE with that Fancy Pants album. Just gorgeous, and I probably would never have known about it if you hadn’t posted that piccie. Now, how to get my hands on one? 🙂

  14. Wow very cute invites Beverley.You are a top Mum.Jessi must love them.

    Have a great party.

  15. that does it – you are doing all my invites from now on! ;o)

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